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May 20, 2008 02:57 PM

Oregon hound needs Beverly Hills help

I'm coming down for a week for work, and between local friends and the board archives I've got lots of great LA eating lined up but I've got one particular night that I need help with. Next Thursday I'm doing a 6:30PM alumni event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres kind of thing, which will go till 9 or so. Afterwards I'd like to take my three Oregon colleagues somewhere cool but not too cool, excellent food but not too fussy, at a place within a short drive and that we can probably walk in or short wait to get a table without needing a res. Everyone involved is adventurous.


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  1. Nik's Martini Bar, Enoteca Drago and Il Pastaio are all on Canon Drive and would probably suit you well. You can do a search on the board for numerous positive comments. You might also consider The Grill on the Alley.

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      I second the Il Pastaio. Cool, but not too cool, and great food and wine, but certainly not fussy. Not sure about the reservation though... might be okay on a Thursday - I'd reserve at OpenTable if you can though, but that's just me.

      I'm also a big fan of Pane e Vino on Beverly Blvd, esp if you can sit on the patio out back in this nice weather.

      1. re: Emme

        I love the food at Il Pastaio (the spaghetti-like pasta with meatballs is the best I've ever had anywhere) but the seating is really cramped. It always makes me uncomfortable sitting that close to other customers. Maybe by 9:30 it's less crowded.

      2. re: Bob Brooks

        Agree that these would be my top choices.

      3. Argh! I just wrote a long post and my computer ate it.

        Anyhow, you might consider:

        Mako on South Beverly Dr. in B.H., a very short drive from the hotel. Japanese/fusion.

        Lucques in West Hollywood. Has a late night bar menu on Wed. through Sat.

        Comme Ca in West Hollywood. You might need a reservation for this place, but it's definitely got good food and is "cool," although may be a bit to "sceney" for what you are looking for.

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          Thanks for all the suggestions, Lucques was definitely already on my to do list so that may be a perfect idea, I'll scout out the others on the board. Cheers. M

        2. Il Pastio is good as are Mako and Piccolo Paradiso on Beverly Drive - I think Nik's is way too cool and loud. If you are up for a short drive Lucques is the best but you should make a reservation.