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May 20, 2008 02:43 PM

MSP - Best Chocolate Dessert?

Along the lines of "Where would you go in Minneapolis for your last dessert ever?", we're looking to go out for dessert with friends who are leaving for a two-year stint in Mongolia on the night before they leave. Any thoughts on the best spot for dessert -- preferably chocolate dessert -- and the best dish? (As you might imagine, options for chocolate desserts in Outer Mongolia are not so so great, so we'd like to send them off with a bang!)

Thanks in advance for your picks!

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  1. Some of my favorite spots for chocolate desserts include the following:

    20.21 - The Spoonbridge and Cherry, based on the nearby Walker Art Center sculpture, is wonderful. Being a Wolfgang Puck-owned restaurant, everything is very good.

    Cafe Latte - Known for their great desserts, particularly their Turtle Cake.

    Wildfire - Though not generally on their dessert tray, their mile-high chocolate cake is extremely moist and worthy of sharing with the whole table. Their other desserts are also very good, including one of the best sundaes in the city.

    Salut/Pittsburgh Blue - Both have a red velvet cake which is adorned by Sebastian Joe's custom-made cherry chocolate truffle ice cream. The cake isn't chocolate, but the ice cream makes up for it. Both places have excellent desserts overall.

    The Cheesecake Factory - For the true chocolate lover, their Godiva cheesecake is wonderfully rich and one of the best desserts anywhere.

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      The Godiva Chocolate Brownie Sundae at the Cheesecake Factory is also quite good.

    2. Here's a still-relevant thread (I wouldn't change my input at least) on the topic:

      Cosmos is still my favorite dessert place in MSP. The chocolate globe has survived a number of pastry chef changes.

      My wife was kind enough to take me to The Strip Club for desserts a few weeks back and they were very good. The blueberry beignets and the signature chocolate dish with the marinated cherries didn't disappoint.

      1. I'm a bit rusty in the area of chocolate desserts (I can't eat chocolate in the evening if I want to sleep that night), but I remember the Chocolate Pot de Creme at Vincent's with great fondness.

        But it's part of the Three Creams dessert, and the other two creams are non-chocolate (creme caramel and creme brulee). Plus, portion size is rather petite - it's reasonable if you've just eaten a huge meal, but perhaps too small if you're just there for dessert. If I were going to Mongolia for several years, I'd order two or three for myself.

        Or maybe I'd go to Izzy's and eat a quart of Chocolate Zinfandel ice cream...


        1. Apparently I am the MSP broken record when it comes to chocolate desserts. And to keep my silly streak alive I will have to go with... the warm chocolate souffle cake at Campiello. Yeah, I know. Shocking.

          Campiello [Closing June 20, 2008]
          1320 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408