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May 20, 2008 02:38 PM

The ladies who lunch...

With several upcoming birthdays (and on the heels of the Sex and the City movie!), I have several lunches to arrange with women friends. Due to time constraints (like kids getting home from school) lunch in the city is impractical, and since I do this fairly infrequently, I really don't have any good ideas. Can anyone suggest some stylish places for lunch? Lower Westchester is the locale...

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    1. re: Marge

      Oooh! Great idea! Why didn't I think of that! I'm going for my anniversary dinner on Thursday, but just didn't think for lunch.

    2. Red Hat Bistro in Irvington - great food and wonderful view. Here's the lunch menu:

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      1. re: JanRan

        Not necessarily stylish, but the food is some of the best I've had in a looong time: Spadaro, 211 E. Main Street in New Rochelle, 914-235-4595.

        1. re: dolores

          I'm with you on Spadaro & I had lunch there 2 weeks ago. It was fab, and far more relaxed than dinner!