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May 20, 2008 02:23 PM

New Fox and Obel coming to State Street

Crain's Chicago Business:

Sun Times:

Both stories cover Fox and Obel's plans for a new store in the former Carson's building. The new Fox and Obel store will have 25,000 square feet at the State and Madison entrance.

The stories also report that Flat Top Grill has signed for space in the building.

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  1. We have a Flat Top here in Champaign, IL and I don't think about going to it because we have many other interesting non-chain places. Chicago has hundreds if not thousands. Fox and Obel is another story however - that is a good move.

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    1. re: ddfry3

      But, ddfry, State Street shoppers don't have a lot of lunch options that are interesting, quick, and cheap. Flat Top will be welcome there.

      1. re: Querencia

        What about Flat Top is it that makes it interesting? I've never been so I went to their website. I can't comment on "quick" without having experienced it myself (or knowing someone who has) and I have no idea if it's "cheap" as their website doesn't list prices. I can't say that what I've read on their website is tremendously interesting, to me, but clearly that's a subjective thing - so I'd like to hear from someone that eats there what the draw is.

        I guess it's good they have something going in that location but it's a far cry from having a major department store. I do appreciate what I feel is a more convenient location for Fox & Obel.

        1. re: Querencia

          I haven't found it to be especially fast, or necessarily that cheap - but I guess most of the Loop places, with a few exceptions, are sit-down full-service affairs.