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May 20, 2008 02:21 PM

Pho in Saskatoon?

Im in Saskatoon, and feel like some Pho for dinner. Does anyone know of a good place to get some?

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  1. I can not remember the menu in detail but the vietnamese place in the cumberland shopping centre (the one with safeway not the iga) is quite good. decore is nothing great but it is pretty good all around. I particulary liked the lemon grass chicken.

    1. Spicy Garden in the Cumberland mall has some really tasty beef noodle soups. Try their satay soup as well; the broth is very tasty.

      1. My friend just moved to Saskatoon and had a tough time finding real pho. He did find it eventually!

        There's a place at Idylwyld & 22 Street (I think it's called Shanghai Kitchen?). For some reason there's no basil (they give you a plate of cilantro and bean sprouts with your soup), but the pho is authentic and tasty.

        1. I like Lien Thanh, at the bottom of the Idylwyld bridge. Yummy food especially pho but not necessarily a place to go for decor.

          1. So far, I have been to Spicy Garden on 8th St. and Thien Vietnam on 3rd Ave. Neither were served with the sprouts, basil and lime and they didn't have the hoisin and sriracha. Of the 2, Spicy Garden had the better broth. Spicy Garden has limited seating, so it's tough to get in during lunch.