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May 20, 2008 02:15 PM

Babka in Dallas?

I just got back from New York, and had babka for the first time. Holy shnikies, was it good. I'd brought one back, but that lasted about 2 hours with the wife and kids.

any one know of a place in Dallas that makes a chocolate or cinnamon babka?

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  1. Old World Bakery in Plano, 801 K Ave near Plano Parkway. ph is 469 467-6828. This place was brought up when people were looking for packzi around Fat Tuesday. I would also try the delis around town

    Deli Russian Specialty Store - Same Shopping center as Zituna World Market (Coit & Arapaho
    )7632 Campbell Rd # 311
    Dallas, TX 75248
    (972) 380-4652‎

    Moscow Restaurant & Bar - Never heard of this place but it googled...would definitely call!
    17370 Preston Rd.
    Dallas, TX 75252
    Phone: (972) 267-2900

    1. I have bought babka at Central Market in Plano. I got a chocolate one and I believe a raspberry one. I don't remember it being to die for, but maybe I'm just not a babka connoisseur.

      Just be sure there isn't a hair on the chocolate babka (obscure Seinfeld reference).