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May 20, 2008 02:11 PM

Citric Acid Powder?

Hi, I am looking to purchase some citric acid powder.

I have a recipe that calls for it. While I could use lemons instead, due to the amount called for, it would be much easier to use citric acid powder.

Any idea where I can purchase Citric Acid powder in Brooklyn (or Manhattan)?

Thanks alot.

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  1. Any vitamin store may carry it, as may a home-brew store that caters to winemakers. A chemical supply store might carry it.

    1. Also called "sour salt", I've gotten it at Sahadi's. I think you will find it at any good spice section.

      1. D'vine Taste in park slope has it in the spice rack.

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          Perfect. Thank you so much. Especially you, ramen girl.