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May 20, 2008 02:11 PM

Suntory Beer?

For the past four years, we have been looking to purchase in the Los Angeles area for Suntory Beer. We have even asked the folks at at Mitsuwa, Maruakai and other Asian markets if they considered carrying it but they all reply no. Does any know where if there is any place in LA where you can purchase?

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    1. I have never seen Suntory beer anywhere in the US. Are you looking for Suntory Malts?
      Most Japanese beers in the us are brewed in Canada by Molson or the US by Budweiser, I guess due to cost issues. Only Yebisu and Asahi black are actually imported. That may explain why they don't import Suntory well as lack of name recognition in the US.

      1. I checked the websites of a couple of retail beverage chains and a local beverage warehouse and none indicated that they carry Suntory beer. I know they do distribute nonalcoholic beverages and spirits (at least they used to) but I too don't ever recall seeing their beer now that you mention it.

        A ran into an acquaintance a few weeks ago who just finished wrapping a Suntory beer commercial. Suntory sent out about 20 boxes of beer mugs with the fake resin beer with head and fake beer cans, and some young Japanese celeb to endorse the beer in the commercial. He sent the mugs, cans and the film back to Japan, and that was it. They'll have commercials for their beer produced out here but for some reason, they won't distribute here...

        1. For the past four years, I have periodically gone to the Suntory site to see if there's a customer contact to request distributorship for the western United States, but no luck, so taking me their site won't help and yes Vittus, there are are lot of non-alcoholic beverages from Suntory but no beer in the states. Maybe if you see you acquaintance you can ask him why no Suntory beer in th states. Thanks for responding.

          1. i used to drink suntory in the late 80s, they used to sell at hughes markets, and liquor stores in culver city. cant find it any more you have to go to the liquor stores and ask.

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              Quite sad the small amount of real Japanese Beer we get here.