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May 20, 2008 01:57 PM

Best Workin'Persons Lunch in Downtown Seattle

We can all use a little local lunch info, right? Too many threads on here are from out of towners looking for recs =)

Here's the criteria:

- must be available for takeout
- no 1-2 hour lunch type places (after all, how many of us can realistically do that on a regular basis? I know I can't.This might also have to exclude Salumi and any place with a ridiculous wait)

- must be within reasonable walking distance of downtown

My picks:
Hambao from Mee Sum in Pikes place, the delicious baguette sandwiches from le panier, Combo from Harried and Hungry (although a bit expensive for the portion size), hot sliced turkey and soup from Simons.

I'm sure theres lots of others I havent discovered yet - maybe of them will even fit in my 20 minutes to find something I can eat at my desk =)

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  1. Specialty's is a chain bakery with sandwiches and is goooood! They have a peach pastry that is gooey and decadent. Any of their sandwiches on ciabatta bread are good, but my hubby and I are partial to the breakfast sandwich. They are 2 or 3 locations around downtown.

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    1. re: happy2sing

      I actually went to specialty's today =)
      sandwich wise, it was kind of heavy on the bread and the herb bread got oil all over my hands =/

      I think I will stick with their soups and thier evil, evil cookies.

      1. re: happy2sing

        The line/wait can get quite long, but they take to-go orders online! You place your order, pay with a credit card and tell them when you'll pick it up (I think they only need 30 mins notice or something like that). They'll have the order waiting for you at the side of the counter so no waiting in line! You can even though in one of their excellent cookies!

        1. re: happy2sing

          And every time I go there, I ask "and how is Specialty doing, these days?" and am regarded with blank looks. WTF?

          1. re: mrnelso

            This is why I don't go to Depressialty's. Also I got sick of cream of bacon soup.

        2. I've always been a big fan of Blue Water Taco Grill. They have several locations downtown and in QA. Good burritos, especially the fish or shrimp or calamari burritos with the lime tartar sauce. Usually a line, but pretty fast nonetheless.

          Unlike Taco Del Mar, their burritos actually have flavor.

          1. Turkey or meatloaf sandwiches from Bakeman's.

            Almost anything from Zum Zum (but ask for 1/2 rice, 1/2 salad unless you want to be uncomfortably full and/or dealing with leftovers.)

            1. I second Zum Zum. Total comfort food. I like Zaina's at the north end of Pioneer Square for... Greek-y, Mediterranean food. Gyros, falafel, etc. Just moved to 4th and Jefferson and have made a few discoveries. Fuji Sushi at 5th and Main although I can't find their menu right now to know whether they do take-out. The bento box is great and a deal at $8.95. Viet My at 4th and Main is yum. And my newest fave is Tenoch, fabbo burritos with a nice variety of fillings, on 5th between Main and Washington.

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                1. re: laurahutch

                  I keep wanting to like Zum Zum, but not really liking it. Their kidney bean dish is pretty good, but every time I eat there, I find my dish very salty and tasting like... something I can't quite put my finger on. An artificial flavor or a flavor enhancer? Something also doesn't sit quite right after I eat there.

                  However, I work 1.5 blocks away so I keep trying every once in a while.


                  1. re: seattledebs

                    Yeah, I went there once, and I don't think id go again, especially when I can probably make better at home. I do pick up just a thing of rice once in a while when I've brough tikka masala sauce leftovers from home and I want to make a CTM risotto in the work microwave.

                    (btw, if you've never tried that, its awesome)

                  2. re: laurahutch

                    I love Tenoch! Excellent burrito bar kind of place! The staff are friendly. Also, pretty cheap. Usually no seating at lunch time, but super quick and easy to walk back to the office. Although they are closer to the International District than downtown.

                  3. DeLaurenti's at the market has a take-out window for pizza, and World Class Chili, behind and below DeLaurenti's offers rustic and flavorful chili. The reuben at The Girls Bakery is great, as is the Cioppino at Jack's Fish Spot a few feet away, and Halibut or salmon sandwich at the Market Grill, across the street, a sausage in a bun at Uli's. Turkish Delight, at the North end of Pike Place has good Borek and Talash. On the route you will pass Russian Pastries.