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May 20, 2008 01:55 PM

Lard in the western burbs?

Gah! I'm in the middle of making a tart and my lard is rancid. So it's in the trash now and I am frantically searching to get some new lard. Posting and calling.... Normally I'd get it at the Wayne Farmer's Market or Kimberton Whole Foods, but WFM is closed today and KFM is too freakin' far.

so... for your edification (and my own)

Yang's, Berwyn -- No, suggested Worrell's
Worrell's Butcher Shop, Malvern - No, suggested Paoli Acme might have it
Our Deli / Butcher, Paoli - No, but offered to speacial order it for me
FoodSource, Bryn Mawr - YES! Oh, I am gonna kiss this butcher guy. YAY! Lard! And only my 4th phone call.

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  1. My local Acme and Redner's always has a few bricks of the lipid stuff in the egg/sausage/hotdoggie region.

    I'm not a piggyfat user but agree that a larded pie crust rocks beyond all else, especially when filled with fresh New Jersey blueberries, baked to utter flakiness and served with a handsome blop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

    1. My local superfresh carries it near the butter (DE Ave, Phila)

      1. Oh! And the Acme in Wayne. Thanks for the others stores you listed, fellas -- always happy to share info about the lardy goodness.

        I always used Crisco for pies until I discovered that TFAs exist. Then I ruined a few pies with various supposedly healthy (read: gluey and just plain wrong) vegetable oil substitutes and finally, after flirtation with NT (Nourishing Traditions, a Weston A. Price -ish cookbook) got down to the lard. And never looked back, because why tamper with perfection?

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          Lard is dral spelled backwards - oh wait, that doesn't mean anything. ; ) There are places where lard has no substitute, not every day, not in everything, but pastry crust is one such place