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May 20, 2008 01:46 PM

Friday lunch

Hi all, My family will be arriving at the airport in time for lunch. Our hotel is near the intersection of 1 and 183, north and slightly west of the airport. We'd like to eat somewhere in between the two.
I'm looking for something Austin-y, maybe a local chain. Sandwiches are good, maybe $10 a person. It'll be my wife and 7 month old joining me. I'll eat anything, she doesn't really do seafood.
Any suggestions?



(I hope that wasn't too general)

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  1. you have the majority of the city between the airport and your hotel. =) here are some good sandwich places:

    Blue Dahlia Bistro, 1115 E. 11th, 542-5942
    FoodHeads, 616 W. 34th, 420-8400
    NeWorlDeli, 4101 Guadalupe, 451-7170, particularly the Reuben

    you could also do some tacos instead, TacoDeli has some interesting conbinations, although they close by 3 everyday.

    Tacodeli, 1500 Spyglass Rd, (512) 732-0303

    Or do a board search on here to find in-depth analyses of Austin's most delicious authentic tacos.

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    1. re: NirvRush

      The Tacodeli you suggest is way out of the way. The north location might serve them better: North Austin at 12001 Burnet Road (512) 339-1700

      This location is on Loop 1 (aka Mo-Pac), north of 183 at the Burnet/Duval exit.

      I think that the weird thing about this request is that the airport and your hotel (if your address is correct) are nowhere near each other, and the most direct route between the two involves a few highways, mostly zooming past everything on an overpass.

      I'd recommend Freebird Burrito for lunch. If your little one is eating "regular" solids, we used to order a side of black beans for our baby to eat there (although at that age, she was probably still eating jarred baby food).
      Anyway, Freebird's has a few locations in town. I think the one at I-35 and 41st St might be the most convenient (its in a shopping center with an HEB and Sears).
      Hancock Center, 1000 E. 41st, Phone: 512-451-5514

      1. re: Hsien_Ko

        never been the other Taco Deli, so i didn't want to recommend the one that i wasn't sure of, location-wise. i was just picturing a pretty straightforward route from 71->360>Mopac. it IS kind of hidden back there on Spyglass, though, whereas at least the Mopac one is visible from the highway.

        Freebirds-wise, i like the S. Congress one better - a bit more Austin-y for a non-Austin-based joint, no? they've redecorated a bit (although i'm not a fan) to make it even more cool than before. ;) and again, straightforward 71 to Congress and head north (or 71>35>Riverside). good price for lunch.

    2. Betcha Fuzzydave means 183 and 71where that cluster of hotels is on Riverside/71. My sister did the same thing when she came in town - told me she was at 183 and Loop 1 when she was really there.

      If that's the case, it's pretty slim pickins except...there's a place (mom & pop Viet or Chinese???) that everyone raves about that you'd miss except for a water tower??? Is this ringing a bell with anyone?

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      1. re: amysuehere

        there is a holiday inn right on Mopac (1) and 183, so it is near the arboretum, id that is where you are.
        To me that sounds like where you are
        You have all that Arbor Walk mess that you can try to wade through, none of which I have tried.
        Or, there's all the stuff around the arboretum, NXNW, Z-Tejas (both more than $10). No time for a review, got to get to work.

        1. re: amysuehere

          Little Thailand is the opposite way from the airport, but worth it. So is Oaxacan Tamaleo and also worth it (If you go order Pozole and a Tamale and thank me later). El Meson is on Burleson in that area. I like the pipian and the chilorio off their lunch menu.

          You can go past the hotel to the South Congress area where there is Zax, Freebirds, Doc's Motorworks, Fran's Hamburbers, Curra's Grill (Oltorf), Habanero's (Oltorf)

          1. re: El General

            Intead of taking 183 all the way from the Airport to the Loop 1/183 intersection, go a better way down East 7th. When you get to I35, make a jog down to 6th street. You can drive slow all the way down that street for a couple of miles until you get to Mopac, then go north on Mopac. Verify that Loop 1 and Mopac and that you can go that way and we can respond with recs.

        2. Hi again, sorry for the wait. Yes, we are staying on the opposite side of town. It's a family function and the block of hotel rooms is there.
          Our little one is still only on pureed foods, except for mashed banana and avocado.
          Thanks for all of the suggestions I think Foodheads or Taco Deli might come out the winner, unless I get a real late entry.

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          1. re: Fuzzydave

            The opposite of what?!?! Where is there!?!?