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Hungry teenagers in Glastonbury

Hey all!

I'm new to CHOW so ill just say a bit about myself. I'm 17, I love to cook (and hope to get into culinary school), and me and my friends are looking for fun and interesting places to eat!

We're all pretty broke so recently we've resorted to eating at McDonalds... It gets us full but it's just not what I'm looking for! We've got a few spots we like to eat on semi-special occasions (times when we have money) like Auggie And Ray's in East Hartford, Little Mark's in Vernon, but I'm curious about new spots!

I'd love to hear about some real authentic ethnic joints that are semi-close and semi-cheap, but any cool place would be great!!

Thanks guys,

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  1. Drive over to Doogies or The Blue Lobster in Newington...or Roscoes or Scott's Jamaican Bakery in Hartford. Cheap & Good :)

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      those sound great, I'm gonna write them down!

      keep em comin :)


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        East-West Grille in WH is excellent.

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          I also highly recommend the East West Grille. If you decide to check it out, make a side trip to A Dong grocery store just down the street. It is an Asian grocery store, and you will be amazed at the variety they have to offer. Try one of their preprared banh mi sandwiches and make sure to check out their kitchen supply aisles. You can buy fun sushi boats, dishes, etc, for a fraction of the price you would find elsewhere.
          Also, in the same plaza is another Thai restuarant, Thai Kitchen, I believe. Try the sai gock appetizer there, it won't disappoint you.

    2. I have just found a little gem here in South Glastonbury (Same plaza as Olympic and post office) called Thai Angel. The food is incredible (especially the curries). I would go for lunch as you get more bang for your buck. They have really good combination specials that come with a drink (the iced coffee is a must try). Let me know what you think. The local neighborhood has been buzzing about it lately.

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        oh wow I actually live about 30 seconds from Thai Angel but I've never gotten around to trying it! I've always just thought it would be sub-par because olympic, in my opinion, is so poor. Thank you!!


      2. The best sandwich in town is the deli at Highland Park Market. Their junior sandwich is larger than most others regular and everythign is fresh. For $4.50 you get a great sandwich. Jay

        1. Have you been to Whole Foods yet?

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            I just got back from lunch with my friends at Thai Angel. Pretty good, I think we'll be back there again!

            Also, all these places sound great! Thanks for all the input! (and to jayct, ive grown up with highland park market and I agree, its delicious!)

            keep em comin' :-P

            - Teej

          2. take a ride to Franklin Ave in the South End of Hartford. try a chicken cutlet, meatball or coldcut combo at Franklin Giant or stop up the street at Mozzicato's for pastries, traditional sheet pizza or stuffed breads.

            1. pho 501 - 501 main st. in east hartford.. just take glastonbury's main st the whole way, it's right before the 5-15 overpass on the left in a small plaza. super fresh vietnamese noodle soups with beef or shrimp. eat in or take out, $6-7 for a filling, hearty meal.

              1. If you are close to Thai Angel, then you are equally close to Char Koon in the Gardiner's Market Plaza. If it is "interesting" that you are looking for, give it a shot. A wide variety of southeast Asian dishes. (Great for take-out, as the dining area is rather small.)

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                  im definitely gonna check out pho 501 ASAP with my friends, sounds pretty great

                  as for char koon... I've always been kinda turned off by their take-out. It seems like they throw whatever near-rotting leftover veggies into the lo mein and the General Tsou's sauce is like pie-filling... in my opinion :-P

                  This is great guys! keep em comin' :-P


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                    I have to agree with you about Char Koon, it is often very greasy and just not very fresh. I do not understand why so many people rave about it! I do still order from there when in an pinch But it is definately not my first choice. I always suggest to the southeast asian dishes rather than traditional chinese but no matter what stay away from the pad thai and all of the noodle dishes for that matter.

                2. Had lunch at Pazzo's in Glastonbury on Friday for the first time in years. I was a regular when they first opened but stopped going when they upped their prices when they got sooo popular. I will admit the food was very good. They remodeled a bit but it still looks like the old Glastonbury Deli with a paint job and a few flourshs. Still thought it was pricey though. You could get a better chicken parm sandwich at Luna's right next door for a couple of bucks less. Jay

                  1. gotta love the Teenage C'hound. Good for you in that you've realized your calling so young in life!

                    Goodbye Ohio always has great recommendations and he's a more adventurous eater than I am but I have a suggestion or two for you...

                    If you're willing to go to Little Mark's in Vernon---try Zara's in Ellington. You can search this board for it or check out this thread:

                    I absoutely second the nominations provided below for East West Grille for Asian and Rosco's big dog in downtown Hartford for a great dog. http://www.roscosbigdog.com/

                    also if you're allowed to go to NY on a food prowl I'd highly recommend it. I do it several times a year just to eat my way around the city and usually can spend less than a train ticket from New Haven to Grand Central. There's tons of sites devoted to cheap eats in NY and you'd have a blast. (think 5 pork and chive fried dumplings in Chinatown for $1...and many many more).

                    good luck!

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                      Wow thanks for all the suggestions masha bousha, ill be sure to check them out asap!