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May 20, 2008 01:16 PM

Tomato Cucumber salad recipe?

Because I am so vague on details, I am loath to perform a search on Chowhound with "tomato" and "salad" as the denominators. So, I turn to you. Quite some time ago, I read of a salad consisting of tomato, cucumber and maybe some feta, with a simple red vinegar/olive oil dressing. It may have been a Armenian staple. The recent issue of Bon Appetit has a recipe (which is what sparked my vague recollection) of a "chopped salad" with tomato and cucumber, but theirs also has radishes, watermelon and a greek yogurt dressing, with an Israeli pedigree. So, 'hounds, ring any bells? It's almost summer and I need a salad for lunches!

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  1. This is a summer staple in my home. The ingredients are simple: in-season tomatoes, cucumber and red onions with olive oil and red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Variations may include the additoin of feta and/or kalamata olives. Make sure you have some bread to sop up all the juices leftover in the bowl/plate or do what my dad taught me to do while grownig up, just lift bowl to mouth and finish off like you would the milk in your cereal!

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      By George (okay, Rosie), I think you've got it! From a Sacto person, too! Understandable why it's a staple in Sacramento (I'm formerly from Sacramento/Roseville after 26 years, just relocated to Bay area). Thanks so much!

      1. salad is whatever you desire - tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, parsley, shallots, vinegar, oil and salt and a pinch orf dried oregano. sure add anything else, roasted asaparagus, fava peans, english peas, zucchini, corn, basil, beets, croutons, cheese, carrots, roasted potatoes, artichokes. chick peas, scallions, avocado, bacon, sprouts, dried fruit, nuts, tortilla chips, citrus.

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          I'd say more like a greek salad, but howchow is right, it's whatever I want! Thanks all.

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            another twist would be the same as Rosie mentioned above but the dressing being fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. And add cubes of stale bread, chopped celery and fresh parley.

        2. The best salad ever, IMO:

          Sliced tomatoes layered on a plate with slices of fresh mozzerella balls... top with a splash of olive oil and good balsamic, some fresh ground pepper, and some torn fresh basil... mmmmmmmm... no cukumbers, but damn its good