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May 20, 2008 01:13 PM

Puerto Rico Bachelor Party

I am having my bachelor party in late June in Puerto Rico. We are staying at the San Juan Hotel and Casino. Wanted to see if people had suggestions about where to eat/go out for a group of about 15 guys in their late 20s. Note, most of us just like to booze and arent the biggest clubbers.

Right now am thinking about doing one dinner at the hotel (they have a caribbean restaurant called Koco) and then partying at hotel/casino that night or at hotels nearby. The next night we were going to go into Old San Juan so looking for a restaurant with good food that could handle a party of that size (and can handle a crowd that will be jovial)...

Would also be interested in any fun places to go during the day (besides beach or golf).

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Consider Shannan's. An icon for the last 30 years. You guys will fit right in. Bring your steel tip darts and pool sticks! CAUTION: one of the fifteen will fall for a beautiful Puerto Rican goddess and you will have two weddings. Ask for Mary (manager). She will be most gracious in setting up the group party. Also, ask for Bam Bam (bouncer). He knows all the right spots.
    Check it out here:

    Phone: 787-620-8466


    1. Great place to go fro a bachelor party. I grew up there and still go back often to visit. Since you are going for a bachelor party i reccomend anything on fortaleza street in old san juan. The ambience is great for a group, its a local scene with tons of cool restaurants and bars. Dragon fly (asian latin fusion) is fantastic and known as one of the best restaurants in PR, the chef actually just opened a new restaurant that I just ate at called el toro salao, it is a spanish tapas place and it is also amazing (the group I was with said it was one of the best meals they had ever had) the sangria is great and they have a nice outdoor space you can sit at and people watch. Also in that area aguaviva for seafood and the parrot club for fancy latin food are also great choices. basically you can not go wrong with a restaurant on that street and they should all accomodate large groups. Plan on going there for dinner and then going to the bars right on the same street after, it is the happening spot in PR these days. all the bars will be packed and lots of fun.

      In condado (about 5 miles from your hotel) is a cool little strip with restaurants and bars. there is a new restaurant called budatai is getting great press and ajili mojili, although its kind of a tourist trap, the mofongo (fried plaintain deliciousness) is awesome. A new hotel called La Concha is beautiful and has a very cool outdoor bar also right near there is a place called Ventana de condado and you can sit almost on the beach and have drinks and listen to some spanish music

      As far as the hotel, although i would usually recommend not eating at the hotel, the El San Juan has some great restaurants. I have not tried Koco though. the bar scene there is like nothing you have ever seen. you will love it definitely spend a night there. you mentioned you are not a clubber but you have to check out the club there, you will see some of the best looking people on the islands!

      Have fun!

      1. You will love Koco, it is amazing. they have an imperial table for 20 people which is so cool, and the hotel is always hoppin on the weekends. Same owners as Dragonfly, Aguaviva, Toro Salao, and The Parrot Club. The Parrot Club or Toro Salao would be great for a night out too. The Parrot club is very festive and fun and has live music some nights - call OOF Restaurants at 787-722-7117 Shannans is Puerto Rico's version of a dive Irish pub, and gets full of teenagers as the drinking age here is 18.
        Have fun!

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