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May 20, 2008 01:11 PM

Flying Saucer or Galaxy Cafe in Triangle

We've burnt ourselves out on Mandola's and need a place to eat before the theater Friday night. Friends we're going with are pretty straight foward eaters, but I'd like something that isn't fried or straight out pub grub...with FLAVOR (I feel I need to stress this, as we are talking about the boarders of The Land of the Bland).

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  1. Honestly, if you are looking for FLAVOR I would say neither. At Flying Saucer, I love the beer selection and while the big soft pretzels would be shunned in Germany, they are pretty darn tasty to carbo load on with a beer. Everything else I have had on their menu (rocket tots, veggie burger, salads) have been either too acidic, to dry or lacking in flavor (notice the lower case). As for Galaxy, it is good for what it is, a cafeteria type place for families with kids. Everything I have eaten is okay but nothing more. I am racking my brain trying to think of other tasy places in that area, and can't think of anything.

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      Sampaio's is a couple blocks west on Burnet and is excellent. Mother's Cafe on Duval.

    2. Does it have to be in the Triangle? If not, Titaya's is a couple blocks north of there.

      The only food I like to order at Flying Saucer is the build-your-own cheese and salami plate.

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        Nope. Doesn't need to be in the Triangle. Going to see the Peanuts in highschool play at Hyde Park Theater, and just wanted something convenient to that. We were honestly considering going to Jorge's again.

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          We went to see the same play, and had a quick dinner at New World Deli just down the street on guadalupe. It was our first time there but definitely will not be our last - the sandwiches were all great and the soup was yummy, too.

      2. What about Ming's chinese? I havent' been there, but I've wanted to go and I've heard good things. I keep forgetting about it.

        1. I personally don't find the Flying Saucer scene/crowd very appealing (Draught House loyalist), although the beer selection is impressive, and the pretzel's are passable. What about the new Sago in the Triangle? I've been itching to try it out, but haven't had the opportunity. If not, continue a bit on Lamar north, and try Fuego's. It's fantastic and other Hound's seem to agree. It's in our 'hood and we've been going several times a month.

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            We tried out Fuego's on Friday night, and were the only people there. While we were there they proceeded to do ceiling repair... Their menu is random and is very limited. All of that said -- both the SO and I enjoyed our food. I got the shrimp cesar wrap with onion rings. The sandwich was okay -- the best part was the grilled shrimp. The onion rings that came with them were great! I love onion rings and while these were greasier than I like the flavor was really good. The SO got the burger which was HUGE! He said it had a really good flavor (and he would eat burgers everyday for the rest of his life if given the chance, so I trust him). The fries that came with the burger were standard frozen variety but cooked perfectly. All in all, not sure I would make the trip back to eat out but the food is definitely good enough for take out.

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              I finally made it to Sago a week ago and was pretty impressed. I had the grilled pork chop with honey/pasilla sauce, mashed yuca with poblano and cilantro, and grilled veggies. It was pretty damn good. My friend got the signature drink, Ze Best martini . . .sweet with diced jalepeno. It was pretty awesome and I was jealous that I had gotten the blackberry margarita (no big deal: a frozen margarita with some blackberry preserves squirted down the side). The salsa verde was great, and we went through a few saucers of it.

            2. Old World Deli is serving meals at dinner time now. Haven't tried dinner there but like their sandwiches. Also in HP is Mother's, HP Bar and Grill, and (yuk) Asti's.