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May 20, 2008 12:53 PM

Blue Stove @ the Burlington Mall

Not that I would consider Nordstrom's a destination dining spot, but has anyone been to Blue Stove? I stopped by to check out the graphic design (I know the designer - she's in San Francisco). The food sounded pretty good, but I didn't have time to eat.

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  1. Please see the post I just added today. I made a small mistake by calling the place the Blue Oven rather than the Blue Stove.

    1. The other entry is at but I'll add my 5c here.
      Went for lunch today and this is a really nice place and if they ever had any hiccups about the food they certainly have worked them out now. I sat at the counter where I could watch the open kitchen in action and started with perfectly fried Salt and Pepper Calamari dusted with lemon zest. I'm so happy that they give you the legs as well! Best part as far as I'm concerned. Then I had the Risotto Croquettes with Serrano Ham & Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce. Didn't look to exciting but this was one terrifically good dish. Crunchy on the outside, perfect cooked risotto and when you cut into it it oozed cheese and Serrano ham. Served with an excellent tomato sauce. Prices runs from about $5 to $12.50 for the crab cakes. Perfect service as expected.


      1. Blue Stove and the food-court Indian are the only two places I'll eat in that mall. Its prices are on the fancy side, but the execution is very consistent. I usually sit at the bar.

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          That's my "oasis" in the shopping madness of the Burlington Mall! I like the lemon risotto with scallops & the mini tacos - we usually get those 2 & then pick one or 2 more items to go with it. Plus, they don't rush you or hover over you. Not sure how the drinks are - I get diet or water, & my "shopping buddy" does wine (she says they have a decent by the glass selection).

        2. Just jumping on here, even though it's an old thread, for anyone looking for more up-to-date info. A friend and I had dinner at Blue Stove last night, and really enjoyed it. Tons of wine by the glass, nice vibe, good service. We split 4 dishes plus a dessert, and had a glass of wine each, plus a cup of tea, and it came to $80 including tip for plenty of food. We started with the Warm Goat Cheese Salad with Beets and Arugula...nice red and golden beets, delicious goat cheese [not a fresh chevre type, had a rind on it]. Next came my favorite dish, the Crisp and Spicy Dark Cherry Glazed Beef. I could have eaten a vat of it. It was crisp and somewhat spicy, but not overbearingly so, nice and tender with great flavor. Then we had the Chicken Bahn Mi sandwiches, which I also liked a lot. I have no idea how traditional they are...I think the rolls probably aren't right [seemed like brioche or something else soft like that], but had a great contrast between the crunch of the toppings and the chicken, and it was quite spicy, which I wasn't really expecting. Our final "entree" was Lemon Scented Risotto with Seared Scallops and French Beans. Everything very nicely cooked, risotto creamy, but not mushy or crunchy or runny or any of the other myriad things I have gotten in restaurants ordering risotto. Honestly I would have gone for one more dish, not that I was hungry at that point, but I still had some room and was intrigued by more menu items, but my DC wanted to stop. For dessert we had the special, which was this killer chocolate almond toffee tart. The waitress described it as "intense" and she was right...fantastic. We had a 7:15 reservation and were seated right away in a nice booth, a few tables empty but not many. When we left at 9:30 there was only one table still there, but since the store closes at 9:30 I think they want everyone out by then anyway. Nobody rushed us, which was great. I would go back there in a heartbeat...but will have the age-old problem being torn between ordering again what I know I like or trying something new. :)

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            question about Blue Stove location - where exactly in the store is it, and which entrance would result in the shortest walk? Was thinking of going there soon but would have someone along that I need to keep this in mind. And if it's upstairs we would need to use the elevator rather than the escalator.

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                As MC says, it's on the second level. I think I remember where the elevators are, and if I am remembering correctly, the entrance on the side where the Cheesecake Factory is would be the closest. But it's not going to be far from any of them. Hope you enjoy it...we certainly did!