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May 20, 2008 12:47 PM

Help for a DC Newbie

I am an event planner in Austin, TX and about to plan a trip for about 30-45 people to go to DC to see our local ballet company perform at The Kennedy Center in October. In all likelihood, the group will be staying at The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City, so I'm looking for a few suggestions for great places for group dining around that area:

1) An optional Friday night "Dutch treat" dinner w/in walking distance or a short cab ride from the hotel

2) An idea for a venue/restaurant/bar to do post-performance drinks on Saturday that could either be close to The Kennedy Center or the hotel


3) A great brunch place that would be optional for people on Sunday -- was thinking either the best brunch in town or a gospel brunch.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks.

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  1. Friday night you could eat at the newly-opened restaurant in the Ritz Pentagon City called fyve. The new chef, Amy Brandwein has put together an interesting menu.
    Brunch-Georgia Browns in DC is perhaps the most popular in DC for good Southern food and music. And, Brown's is perfect for a large group.

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      Jaleo in Crystal City might be a generally good option. There isn't too much directly near Kennedy Center (Circle Bistro? Notti Bianche?) but it's not far from Georgetown if you want to look in that direction.

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        Agree w/ monvano re: georgia browns for brunch. Haven't tried Fyve.
        Sharon, why is your group staying in Pentagon City if you need to be near the Ken Cen? just wondering. There are two other Ritz- Carltons that are closer. Pentagon City offers many large chain places, not much else nearby.

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          So, as luck would have it, our dates are not flexible and we coincide with the IMF/World Bank Annual Meeting, which generally means that everything on the other side of the river is booked or going for upwards of $500/ years past, this group has stayed in Foggy Bottom or Georgetown, but I'm not sure we can swing it b/c of the conference.....

      2. Sorry for the long link here is a list of the places in Pentagon/Crystal City:

        Jaleo, and Bebo Trattoria should be safe bets. For more ethnic Kabob Palace Family Resaurant is good pakistani fare. Lebansese Taverna is also decent middle eastern fare in Pentagon Row. 23rd st also has a nice little row of restaurants.

        2. There are dozens of bar/lounges in Georgetown and the west end. Circle Bistro is actually a fun bar if folks are going to be sorta dressed up. There are a bunch of more bars/lounges casual and "dressed up" all down Penn ave and M st.

        3. Georgia Browns in DC is a popular choice for brunch. I also like Liberty Tavern in Clarendon.