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May 20, 2008 12:43 PM

Dinner in Portrero Hill

Anyone been to Baraka lately?
Trying to decide between that and Universal Cafe for dinner before the show at Brava Theater.

Will have parents with me, and they are adventurous but picky.

Any other recommendations welcome.

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  1. I've really enjoyed my meals lately at Aperto (but haven't been to baraka).

    I think the pastas are good and they definitely have been accommodating when I've made somewhat picky requests.

    1. How about Chez Papa? I imagine most people could find something to eat there, except maybe vegetarians, which I assume your parents are not. Or you could try The Slow Club.

      1. I'd second the recommendation for Chez Papa. I've been to Baraka once in the past few months and was disappointed. Watery, over-cooked chicken that turned the mashed potatos in the dish into potato soup. Pistachio encrusted goat cheese and onion confit not as good as in the past. I loved Baraka when it first opened several years ago, but it went downhill and the new owners so far haven't made a difference to how I feel. I'll probably have to give it another chance some time, but first impressions were not that good.

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          agree on both counts. Baraka has definitely gone downhill. I didn't know there were new owners, but that makes sense. it just feels like they don't care, even with the menu items being the same. And Chez Papa is wonderful.

        2. I went to Baraka on Tuesday and had a fantastic meal. I've been there a couple of times over the past year and have not yet been disappointed. I really like their appetizers, especially the gnocchi and goat cheese. The main courses change more often and I have enjoyed those as well, especially the seared ahi tuna I had on Tuesday. Aperto is good too, but doesn't have the same special-occasiony atmosphere. Chez Papa is also great, but it is more of a typical french restaurant so if your company is more adventurous I'd definitely check out Baraka

          1. I can second Aperto and Chez Papa. Universal Cafe is great, but the Potrero Hill choices have better walking neighborhood for visiting parents