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Best Philly Special Occasion BYO?

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For my BF's birthday, I picked up a high end Chardonnay and happened upon an amazing 30 year Cab. To celebrate his b-day in style, I wanted to take the wine somewhere we could enjoy a great meal that would balance well with the wines. Because of the varietals, I was thinking French, but so many places are fusion now that it may not matter.

Any recommendations on where we should go for a Saturday night? Money is not an object for this meal, but because I will be bringing the wine I realize that takes many high end places off the list. Thanks so much!

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    1. A second for Cochon, that came immediately to mind.

      Perhaps also Marigold?

      1. There are some good suburban options: Gilmore's in West Chester, Birchrunville Cafe, Sola in Bryn Mawr, Blackfish in Conshohocken. Notwithstanding the recent review in the Inquirer, I was pretty underwhelmed with our recent dinner at Marigold. You should also know that many non-BYOBs will allow corkage. You might find this link helpful: http://marksquires.com/byob.htm#CENTE....

        1. Second for Marigold. love it. warm atmosphere.

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            I took the BF for his big bday to Marigold (under Solomonov, but I hear good things about O'Shea) and we had a fantastic experience and meal. Taken care of from the minute we stepped in the door. I do also think Matyson is a guaranteed hit with food and service.

          2. cochon was my first thought.

            1. I wouldn't rule out the non-BYOB restaurants. Talk to the manager or head sommelier or executive chef and explain the situation. If you were fortunate enough to have been able to find and purchase something like Marcassin or Shafer Hillside Select, I am sure you could talk to the general manager or head sommelier at whichever non-BYOB restaurant you would most prefer dining at and negotiate some sort of corkage fee arrangement on the QT. A great restaurant will accomodate you if you are bringing a great wine that is not on its list. Alternatively, if the wines have some special significance or meaning to you (or him or to you both), then you could probably also negotiate some type of arrangement as well. Again, it never hurts to inquire discreetly and make sure your request is only made to the person with decision making authority and not a "gatekeeper."