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May 20, 2008 12:15 PM

Providence Dining for Waterfire

Hi- I'm coming in for Waterfire with some friends and was looking for some good dinner recommendations within walking distance. I was thinking somewhere trendy-casual (nice jeans w/ a sport jacket) with a good bar. We like all sorts of food and had a price point of $20-30 for entrees in mind. We could go more casual/inexpensive if there's somewhere that we should not miss.

Thanks in advance

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  1. 3 Steeple Street, right on the canal, you can actually watch Waterfire from the dining room.

    1. Cafe Nuovo. The food is always great, very nice place, you are right in the center of the action, on a nice night you can dine outside right by the river and Waterfire.

      1. In between 3 Steeple St and Cafe Nuovo (pricewise) is Parkside. I have good things to say about all 3.

        1. I've always hads great dinners at Cafe Nuovo, with wonderful service. The only negative is that it's VERY easy to spend there, and my bill always ends up much, much higher than anticipated. If you go fairly easy on the cocktails and stick to reasonably priced wine (they have a heavy markup), you can have a fantastic, almost reasonable dinner. I recommend it.

          1. While not really my favorites, you also have Ruth's Chris and Flemings. For a local steakhouse, XO is just around the corner from 3 Steeple. XO and its neighbor Chinese Laundry fit the bill in terms of price point and trendy.

            While I like 3 Steeple alot, I wound't describe it as trendy/casual, more intimate/romantic casual. It is the kind of place I can safely take my in-laws or grandparents.