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May 20, 2008 12:05 PM

Rice...what you got?

Responding to the sticky rice thread got me thinking. I sure do have a lot of rice--more rice than any one family needs if you ask my husband. But honestly, its all different and serves different purposes. Right now I have Jasmine rice, japanese short grain rice, basatmi rice, brown short grain rice, brown purportedly jasmine rice, Thai sticky rice, black rice, the remenants of a bag of broken rice and I think one more but I can't remember what it is. The Jasmine is bought in bulk and used practically daily, the basatmi is for Indian food and never the twain to meet, as my husband learned when he mistakenly cooked bas. rice with a Chinese meal resulting in a rice strike by the pups. I am waiting for a chance to steam the sticky rice and making some meals out of hotsoursaltysweet.

What rice is in your cupboard? Please someone tell me you have more than me!

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  1. I've got Japanese brown rice, sticky brown rice, brown basmati and brown jasmine rice, arborio rice, short grain brown rice, and some kind of red rice. (and I'm just one person!) :) I also have a gazillion grains, (barley, oats--steel and rolled, quinoa, bulgur, millet, orzo, kasha, etc.) but as you say, they all serve different purposes!

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      Your pantry looks very similar to mine -- except that I also have long grain white rice as DH kind of has issues with all of my brown rices. He'll eat the brown rice, but he prefers eating what he grew up with.

      btw, is there a difference between Japanese brown rice and short grain brown rice?

      1. re: Miss Needle

        Well, probably not, but at my Japanese grocery store, they sell these rice types that are "almost" brown rice. Basically, they range from 100 percent polished (white rice) to 0 percent polished (brown rice), and I've gone from 90 percent to now 30 percent-ish. I also have regular full-on brown rice, too, but I find that the Japanese "almost" brown rice I have I can actually use for sushi, b/c it has that fluffy sticky consistency of white rice.

        Also, I just call it Japanese b/c it's what the Japanese grocer carries, but they have both short grain and medium. I think the one I have is actually a medium grain.

        1. re: anzu

          I see. Thanks for the explanation. The Japanese "almost" brown rice sounds intriguing. I need to look for it to make my maki rolls.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            Here's a website w/ an explanation of their rices. The different "almost" brown rice stuff is at the bottom. Part of me wonders if this is a marketing ploy. . ..

            1. re: anzu

              Thanks, anzu. I'm sure marketing has something to do with it. They're going for a very natural earthy feel to this brand of rice. Certainly "looks" healthier.

              I generally buy my rice at the bulk bin at a health food store as it's much cheaper. But I'll look for this at Mitsuwa this weekend.

    2. There is Japanese brown rice? Must find.

      I have black Japonica rice, a California blend of black and brown rice, some red rice from Bhutan, medium grain white rice, glutinous rice, basmati rice, arborio rice, an organic rice blend from CostCo that has a whole bunch of different kinds in it, and some plain old brown rice. I love rice.

      Also some wild rice that Alton Brown says is really grass, so maybe it doesn't count?

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      1. re: jnstarla

        wild rice is a grain. It doesn't count.

        There is Japanese brown rice---try a health food store or food co-op.

      2. I have 2-3 lbs of long grain white, arborio, long grain brown, jasmine and basmati rice. I also have 2 lbs of American wild rice, but that is technically not rice.

        1. I have much of the above mentioned but also just picked up some Red Rice from the Camargue. Have yet to give it a try, but is was on ther shelf at TJMxx and I had to buy it.,

          1. Three Califonia Japanese rices, arborio, Jasmine, Basmati, long grained white, parboiled long grain. At work in the genebank we have several tens of thousands of varieties.