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Saratoga Springs for 2 nights

we are staying at Fox N Hounds for 2 nights and looking for the best recs you have for tastey, spicey meals (lunch and dinner). We would love to eat where the fruit and produce are locally grown, if possible. As Californians we're used to bringing our own - any eateries that will let us bring in our own wine? This short trip isn't until June 15, so we have a little time. Merci

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  1. A bit early for local produce as the best comes in July/August (world class corn/tomatoes/melons/etc.). You will see asparagus, berries, and a few other items like mushrooms possibly. I have been away from that area for about 10 years but I'm sure the Toga Hounds will help you out.

    1. we're moving to albany soon so i'll be checking this thread with interest.

      1. I have been going to Saratoga for the jazz festival weekend every year for two decades and always eat at least one dinner at Hattie's(southern and Louisiana cuisine) and one breakfast at Mrs London's. Other then P.J's for decent Q, I can't recommend anything else but I know there must be other good grub in the area. Do a search on this board and you will see numerous posts for Saratoga Springs.


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          Does Hatties actually put onion in their hushpuppies? I've been shocked at how many restaurants in Vermont have hushpuppies but REFUSE to put onion in them!!!

        2. I got a list of good restaurants in Saratoga from someone who has lived there for years, although I haven't tried any of them yet. And I doubt if any of them are "bring your own". Longfellow's Inn and Restaurant was recommended, as was Sargo's @ Saratoga National Golf Course. Springwater Bistro and Grey Gelding Bistro were also highly recommended. And I was told the bar at Siro's is a lot of fun.


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            great list here. add scallions for lunch and the wine bar. I also like one caroline st and chianti.

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              Agree with all except Longfellow's Inn.

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                Absolutely, Longfellow's is ordinary

            2. Beekman St. Bistro tries for fresh, local produce, with allowances for the season. More classic than "tasty, spicy," but very good. For spicy and tasty, I'd head for Karavalli, which is south-Indian.

              Beekman Street Bistro
              62 Beekman St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

              Karavalli Regional Cuisine
              47 Caroline St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

              1. Toss a baseball out the back door of Fox N Hounds, and you'll be in my yard. Springwater Bistro touts their use of local ingredients, and is not far from where you are staying, actually walkable. Mouzon House has a New Orleans type of menu, Cajun and Creole. You can also try some Southern cuisine at Hatties, with some gumbos, and the fried chicken that bested Bobby Flay in a Throwdown show. Have no clue which restaurants will allow you to bring in your own wine. I doubt many, since NY has some fairly restrictive rules on that kind of thing. Another poster mentioned Siros. The bar scene is active, but unfortunately the place is only open when the track is open, and that wont happen until late July. Sushi Thai on Phila street has a very extensive eclectic Asian menu, which could probably serve all of your spice needs, if they are Asian inclined

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                  Maybe Trakman could give you use of a picnic table in his yard for a small corkage fee............................

                2. I second the mentions of Beekman Street Bistro (very committed to fresh, local foods; elegantly prepared) and Karavalli (wondrous Indian food in quite a hip setting). Chianti is a terrific upscale Italian restaurant that is a work of art in itself; it's hip "little brother" Forno Toscano is great for lunch. Not aware of any where it is appropriate to bring your own wine. If you can squeeze it in, you really should have coffee and pastry at some point, or lunch, at Mrs. London's; it is truly one of the great bakeries in the U.S. For spicy Caribbean style try Lime on Caroline St.; for a more Cajun spiciness in an elegant setting, try Mouzon House. Bon appetit!

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                    I'm looking out my window right now at the Fox 'n Hound-lovely place. You might want to consider Mrs. London's son's restaurant- Max London's-right next to the bakery. Excellent food and wines-fairly priced, small mark-up on wines. Also not aware of any BYO places in town. Beekman's former chef now cooks at Max's.

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                      Do you know the name of the former chef? Is it Spitz?

                      I agree with above posters about Beekman street...excellent locally produced food and art..

                      I'm commited, however, to Wine bar...stellar, creative eats with moderate prices....

                      While in saratoga, defiantely check out the farmers market which, i think runs year round on Sundays at the YMCA

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                        By now the Farmer's Market has moved to its outdoor market grounds on High Rock Ave., on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, not Sunday. Enjoy.

                  2. I agree with most of the posts. I would add Cantina and Lime to the "spicy" list. And Siro's is only open during track season.