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May 20, 2008 11:55 AM

Sparks - opinions?

what do you think of sparks - we've been to many of the steak houses and wanted to try this one. is it worth it?

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  1. It's my absolute favorite in the city. The only thing to order is the strip --- it's fabulous. They have a great wine list too. It can get really crowded, but it's worth the wait!

    1. they're all worth trying once as far as I'm concerned!

      1. Get the sirloin. I ding them for lack of cream spinach. Not my favorite.

        1. An out of towner who has nonetheless eaten at every NY steakhouse multiple times, I say without fear of contradiction two things: the best sirloin (A/K/A NY Strip when not in Manhattan) in town, and the best wine list. Some of the wines, I swear, cost only about 10% more than at a wine shop. Sides and apps non inspiring, in my opinion. And finally, when you order dessert, and what is a visit to a NY steakhouse with a slice of cheesecake and coffee, they change the tablecloth before dessert. enjoy...I am jealous