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May 20, 2008 11:42 AM

Place for Surprise B-Day

I'm throwing a surprise bday for my Fiancee and it will probably be around 20-25 people. I'm trying to find a place that will accomodate that for a resonable price. We love Cuchi Cuchi, so that is high on the list (we can do a res before 6pm). Also, I checked with Rocca, but they want to do a fixed $55pp menu. I don't think that is expensive, but I don't want to lock everyone into 55 a head.

So - the question is - any good places in Boston/Cambridge for a group like this for dinner and drinks? I've got lots of great ideas, but they are all to expensive! So I'd like it to be cheaper for people, of course any input is great!

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  1. Gaslight or Stella maybe? Beacon St. Tavern has lots of room. Eastern Standard.

    1. Along the lines of Cuchi Cuchi, how about Dali? While they claim not to take reservations, I think they will accommodate a party. Can't imagine that the pp price will be terribly high with tapas. Parking is not that easy though.

      And you know, Silvertone has a separate room available for parties. I think they would work with you on price.

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        They will definitely accommodate a party of that size, but always closer to the 6-6:30 time frame. A few weeks ago there were two very large parties - one at least 18 people and one 8-10, and the larger one was in the back room (where they usually put the larger, noiser <g> parties). And depending on the time you get there, parking along Beacon St. isn't always that bad - and now that most students/graduates and their families are gone, parking always gets easier (as well as getting into Dali at a later hour without too much hassle).