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May 20, 2008 11:26 AM

Roadtrip from DC to Charleston SC

I'm going on a roadtrip from DC to Charleston, SC over Memorial Day weekend. Could anyone advise if there are good places to stop along the way for meals/snacks that's would be less than 20 miles off of I-95? Thanks!

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  1. There's a place that I'm a big fan of in Stony Creek, VA called the Stony Creek Tastee Hut. It's a little shack located on 301 that's a stone's throw from I-95- you can see it from the interstate, in fact. Coming from the north, Stony Creek is about ten miles south of where 295 ends. This place has pretty good Eastern NC style barbecue and a variety of other items ranging from fried fish to navy beans. But the standout for me are the hush puppies, which are bar none the best I've ever had. I get off the interstate just to get the hush puppies. They're always piping hot and have a wonderful onionyness to them.

    There are a couple of good places in Wilson, NC that are about 5 minutes from I-95 on US 301. The Beefmastor Inn is a superb little ten table steakhouse, but the typical weekend wait to get in is around two hours, so this very well may not fit into your plans. It's worth it if you're spending the night in the area, though.

    There's also Taqueria Guerrero, which is a good example of the NC taqueria scene. On Saturdays they have a taco truck which operates out of a mostly Hispanic flea/farmer's market on US301. There's a fixed location on Lattice Rd., which is just a mile or so away off 301, but I haven't been there- I've always stopped at the truck.

    1. One more place occurred to me- K&L Barbecue in Hopewell, VA. I didn't mention it initially because it's closed on the weekends, but it occurred to me that you might be leaving on Friday. K&L does superb eastern NC style BBQ. They have a house sauce that is okay, but I like to eat my sandwiches without any- the meat is very well seasoned and quite tangy on its own. They also have beef barbecue done with the eastern style vinegar sauce, which I find to be merely good, but it's different and worth trying. The aforementioned Tastee Hut has this same style of beef barbecue sometimes as well.

      1. Yum! I am leaving on Friday so this information is perfect. Thanks so much!

        1. We always time it to leave Annapolis via 50, 301 and 295 to 95 about 7a.m. to put us at Weldon NC for lunch at Ralphs. They have bbq and a buffet. Who needs banana pudding for dessert??? I had a second helping of chicken and dumplings for dessert! Dead zone for food from Florence to CHS via 95 to 26. We usually get off 95 at Florence and come on in on Hwy. 52. Slower speed, but much less traffic.