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May 20, 2008 11:21 AM

Katsu Hama or Menchanko-Tei good for large groups?

Hi Hounds!
My friends and I will be at the Ziegfeld tomorrow and were thinking about getting food somewhere nearby.

I thought Katsu Hama or Menchanko Tei would be fun and affordable but wanted to see if they can accommodate a large group. Do they take reservations?


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  1. I think Menchanko would be a better choice because it's larger than Katsu Hama and there are a larger variety of offerings. Most everything at Katsu Hama is deep-fried, and not everybody is into that. I don't know if they take reservations but I once did a walk-in weekend lunch at Menchanko with 10 people with no problem.

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      I've done in a walk in at Menchanko-Tei with more people than that, and they were very gracious. This was on a Thursday around 8 or 9pm. They sat us upstairs.

    2. How big is your group? I think both can fit 6-8 people pretty easily but perhaps not more than that if you want to sit together. Another japanese nearby that affordable and great for groups is Riki. Its an izakaya with a lot more variety if you're not just into noodles or fried stuff.

      1. thanks everyone for your insights!

        well i LOVE katsu, but yeah i was concerned about how that would work for everyone else. sounds like i should be able to score a table in at least one of the places discussed. will report back on that :)