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May 20, 2008 11:14 AM

Lunch break in Chelsea

I recently started working in Chelsea and want to know some places I should hit up, both options for grabbing a quick bite for lunch or a place to get something to eat or even a drink after work. Specifically, I work on 22nd st 6/7th ave. I still haven't hit up shake shack, although I walk by it everyday, one day I will when I see no line.

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  1. yeah you definitely have to hit up shake shack. there's rickshaw dumpling house. there's R.U.B. Il Bastardo, Cafeteria, Red Cat, Snack Bar, Bottino...nice place for cocktails is serena in the chelsea hotel.

      1. My favorite casual lunch spot in Chelsea is the Blue Dog Cafe, on 25th just west of 6th. Terrific sandwiches, salads and baked goods. I had the #2 yesterday -- bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado on multigrain -- and it was outstanding.

        1. I've been working on 23rd and 6th for years, although my typical lunch routine is to eat at my desk. If you want to sit somewhere, RUB is good and Pongsrii (Thai) is also nice. For takeout, Hill Country (bbq) and Sirtaj (Indian) are both on 26th, just east of 6th. Good salads at Garden of Eden and (believe it or not) the cafe at Bed Bath and Beyond. The hole-in-the-wall Chinese place on 7th btwn 23rd and 24th is okay (I only get steamed veggies, though). I haven't really found any good sushi in the neighborhood.