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May 20, 2008 11:09 AM

Apple Hill in May - What's open?

What is open in Apple Hill in May other than the wineries? It seems like most of the berry places open in June.

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  1. Jack Russell Brewery Great brews and if you go to the website they have events and great BBQ on the weekends (but check)..

    Oops website under construction so call

    They do have some really good beer based mustards too.

    1. There's a couple of places but I think the pickings are slim.
      This hasn't been updated since last year, but it's a good guide as to what's open year-round and when other stuff opens.

      1. Aside from the wineries, we ended up at the following...

        Jack Russell Brewery
        Boa Vista Orchards (open year round)
        Gold Hill Olive Oil