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May 20, 2008 11:09 AM

Birthday cake in Monmouth County

I was looking for a birthday cake for a 3 year old in Western Monmouth county ( I'd travel somewhat). I was thinking of Cold Stone just because the "theme" designs looked pretty neat for a kids cake. But I wanted to get input from foodies as to a good cake.

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  1. having sampled cakes from many bakeries around monmouth, i can say i haven't had a good one yet. most are dry, too much or not enough filling made with god knows what... i would see if the flakey tart does cakes. if they are anything like what they do normally, i would guess it would be excellent. although, this may be wasted on a three year old, start them young!

    1. FTart, Atlantic Highlands, makes delicious cakes; mini cakes which might be just what you are looking for, for a 3 year old. They also offer cupcakes and mini tarts. Highly recommend.

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        I agree about The Flaky is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. La Dolce in the Raintree Shopping Center, just off of Rt 537 is an excellent bakery that fits with your Western Monmouth location.

        Great assortment of cakes, cookies, Italian pastries (cannoli's are filled fresh) and lots of other goodies.

        1. Believe it or not, many supermarkets do a decent job with cakes. (Special order it; don't take the ones out in the cases by the bakery.) Plus it's convenient. I doubt a 3-y-o will notice the difference between one from the supermarket and one from the gourmet bakery. And the supermarket one might be better.

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            highly the flakey tart's case anyway

          2. Unfortunately, we don't have any good bakeries in the area. Fortunately, Wegmans makes a delicious birthday cake with fresh whipped cream. I get one for all our birthdays and everyone loves them.

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              Piece of Cake in Shrewsbury. She does many wedding cakes and B'Day cakes 732-741-3802

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                I second both The Flaky Tart and Piece of Cake - however, for a kid's birthday cake that adults will also love, I would lean toward PoC.