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Birthday cake in Monmouth County

I was looking for a birthday cake for a 3 year old in Western Monmouth county ( I'd travel somewhat). I was thinking of Cold Stone just because the "theme" designs looked pretty neat for a kids cake. But I wanted to get input from foodies as to a good cake.

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  1. having sampled cakes from many bakeries around monmouth, i can say i haven't had a good one yet. most are dry, too much or not enough filling made with god knows what... i would see if the flakey tart does cakes. if they are anything like what they do normally, i would guess it would be excellent. although, this may be wasted on a three year old, start them young!

    1. FTart, Atlantic Highlands, makes delicious cakes; mini cakes which might be just what you are looking for, for a 3 year old. They also offer cupcakes and mini tarts. Highly recommend.

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        I agree about The Flaky Tart....it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. La Dolce in the Raintree Shopping Center, just off of Rt 537 is an excellent bakery that fits with your Western Monmouth location.

        Great assortment of cakes, cookies, Italian pastries (cannoli's are filled fresh) and lots of other goodies.

        1. Believe it or not, many supermarkets do a decent job with cakes. (Special order it; don't take the ones out in the cases by the bakery.) Plus it's convenient. I doubt a 3-y-o will notice the difference between one from the supermarket and one from the gourmet bakery. And the supermarket one might be better.

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            highly unlikely.....in the flakey tart's case anyway

          2. Unfortunately, we don't have any good bakeries in the area. Fortunately, Wegmans makes a delicious birthday cake with fresh whipped cream. I get one for all our birthdays and everyone loves them.

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              Piece of Cake in Shrewsbury. She does many wedding cakes and B'Day cakes 732-741-3802

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                I second both The Flaky Tart and Piece of Cake - however, for a kid's birthday cake that adults will also love, I would lean toward PoC.

            2. Although its been a few years since I used them, I've had some great cakes from Gian's bakery in Howell. I'm not a fan of the stuff they have in the display cases, but the made to order cakes were very good.

              1. My two experiences at Piece of Cake resulted in the most amazing looking cake but for the money two of the worst tasting cakes. Dry, over sweet. Could you share what type of cakes you purchased from PoC that were stellar.

                Flaky Tart offers fresh baked goods in several sizes that have made my guests howl with joy. Decadent chocolate mousse cake enough for 12 small adult servings with no one complaining about their portion or diet and small tarts and cakes for the kids which they enjoyed for their "cute size." Haven't been disappointed by any of the goodies from FT.

                I'd appreciate knowing more about your PoC experience.

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                  I'll agree with everyone on The Flakey Tart. I purchased a small, carrot cake for Mother's Day and it was incredible. Pic on my blog if you would like to see (blog address in my profile).

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                    I love the goods at Flaky Tart, but I do have a problem recommending them as a go-to place given the small inventory they keep. I have been there early on a Saturday morning (9 am) and they don't carry a large selection of things. I understand the limitations, but I went in a couple of weeks ago looking for something chocolatey/cakey, etc for a dinner party dessert and the only thing they could offer me was brownies or key lime tart. What they have is great but I am not crazy about driving over there to be disappointed (granted I live in Fair Haven so it isn't all that far) I would try Ye Old Pie Shoppe in Little Silver for quality goods and a better all around selection. I have also had very good cakes from La Rosa in Red Bank.

                    P.S. I agree about PoC. They did a great wedding cake for us 8 years ago when we got married but since then I have been disappointed in their stuff and they aren't cheap.

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                      taboni, I total agree about FT inventory. We all keep recommending the place, press has been high and the FT fans are keeping the owner busy, busy! One way I've dealt with the fanfare (well deserved) is to call ahead, party plan ahead and place an order. Certainly not the solution for those last min stops or spontaneous menus but it has helped.

                      If FT moves to accommodate growing pains....they may wind up taking chances with charm and quality.

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                        Fair enough about keeping the quality up, but you win an award for a chocolate cake, and get business/publicity because of it, I would expect you to at least have it on hand for someone to buy that stopped in, not expecting that you would have to order it in advance. Just sayin'

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                          Funny you should bring up the chocolate cake. I bought the famous cake three times before I learned FN had their eye on the store and haven't bought it since. Mostly because there are so many wonderful treats to try beyond the cake. Has FT advertised the winning cake themselves? I haven't seen them capitalize on their FN status much. But, if you ordered it, I'm sure they would be happy to bake a fresh cake for you. FT was receiving wonderful local press and plenty of word of mouth praise long before FN came a knockin. Marie has been working her magic all over monmouth county before FT opened doors. To her credit, she really is about the quality and not about the stardom.

                2. Can't realy vouch for their cakes, but to all transplanted NY'ers who love L&B Spumoni Gardens Spumoni, La Dolce Bakery in Old Bridge by 9 north and ticetown, they make great fresh spumoni. We asked that they make a spumoni cake for my sons 1 year birthday party. Lets just say the cake served 50, we had 35 guests and the entire cake was gone. It was utterly delicious.

                  La Dolce Bakery
                  3141 US Highway 9
                  Old Bridge,

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                    And their sister bakery I had mentioned in an earlier post is in Freehold, just off Rt 537 in the Raintree Shopping Center.

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                      but to all transplanted NY'ers who love L&B Spumoni Gardens Spumoni,

                      Yes, I remember it well. Grew up in that neighbrohood. Nothing has ever come close to their Sicilian pizza.
                      Will have to go there and try the spumoni.

                    2. Surprisingly, The Macaroon Shop in Avon makes a decent cake, with plenty of choices for kid-friendly cake design. I was shocked. Not that they're offering world-class baked goods, but the cake was really good.
                      Another fine choice (other than the ones mentioned here already) is Cameo cakes in Brielle on Rt. 71. Not bad at all.

                      1. Hey Lauren...as a very experienced cake consumer and Dad I feel obligated to give my point of view. The cakes that appeal to children have nothing to do with the taste but with the decorations. As any pastry chef can tell you, unless its marzipan the finishing product are all super sugary and really not that appealing to adults. In my family I developed the two cake system...one cake for the kids and it usually is an ice cream on that satifies and one for the adults. Of course I would reccomend FT in Highlands but I also really really like the Heritage Bakery in Matawan. Mainly known for their SUBLIME Boston Cream Donuts, they use this same custard in a variety of their specialty cakes. I have even gotten a Crumb cake there with this custard. They are definately worthy of a try. If all else fails there's always Cookie Puss at Carvel!