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May 20, 2008 10:49 AM

Food Gift Basket in Stamford area for death in the family

I need to send a food platter or gift basket to someon in the Stamford area for a death in the family. Any suggestions?

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  1. when my grandmother died recently we received a big " bouquet" from Edible Arrangements. It was a nice change from all the bakery cookies and cakes we received. It was pretty, cheerful, and best of all fresh! They are expensive for what they are, pieces of fruit, but I would look past that and consider one. I believe they have a website.

    1. Rogerio's on Hope St
      or Edible Arrangements on Main St

      1. i am really hoping to find a gourmet market or something in the immediate area. But thanks for the suggestion of Edible Arrangements.

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          Stew Leonards in Norwalk does baskets. I'm not sure they'll have what you're looking for (what are you looking for?) - but here's their site:

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            What about Balducci's right over the greenwich/stamford line?

          2. Balducci's does make nice gift baskets, but I warn you that they can get pricey, FAST. If you have them put one together for you, be sure to set a price limit. I'd suggest telling them you want a fresh variety of fruit, cheese and crackers and cookies It keeps the price lower and those are things that people respond well to. (I used to put gift baskets together for corporate events).

            I did get one of those edible arrangements and they were quite good. The chocolate covered bananas were very, very tasty.

            Balducci's also does a cookie or baked-goods basket that is nicely done and isn't too spendy.