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Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

I'm looking for restaurants and take-outs that are not too expensive for well-made, healthy lunch and dinner options. Salads, fish, veggies, etc. Also wouldn't mind a few addresses for wine stores selling good Oregon and Washington state products. Thanks!

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  1. You are right downtown so the choices abound. Cafe Artigiano comes to mind for healthy sandwiches and the like. There are quite a few decent sushi spots all around there. Head down to Robson St just around the corner.

    Marquis Wine and Liberty have OK selections of Oregon and Washington wines.

    Edit: I just noticed I posted the wrong location for Liberty...I can't edit to correct.

    Marquis Wine Merchants
    1034 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E, CA

    Liberty Wine Merchants
    1660 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H, CA

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      Phone number for Liberty's Robson St location: 604-633-1922

    2. NEXT to the Italian Kitchen in the office building next door is ITALIAN KITCHEN TO GO...the Best sandwiches, everything for lunch.

      Italian Kitchen
      1037 Alberni Street

      Vancouver, BC V6E 1A1
      (604) 687-2858

      1. Why Oregon nad Washington Wine?? You're in Vancouver try some BC wine....

        Sutton Place Wine Merchants has a decent selection, they don't have a working website up yet...

        Sutton Place Wine Merchant
        855 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z, CA

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          I can get BC wine out here in Quebec, but the Oregon and Washington stuff is harded to procure.

          Any recommendations where they have a really great BC wine list for a nice dinner? Might have a night out with some other wine aficionados

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            Aurora Bistro on Main St has an EXCLUSIVELY BC WIne list and the food is awesome :)

        2. We went to the Sutton Place Wine Merchant and was perfect for all that you are looking for..
          tons of places on Robson and the Fairmount is central to everything and right next door to my fav, caffe artigiano for the best latte in the world..
          We loved going to Gerard's bar at the Sutton Place Hotel every night with the mahogany paneled bar with the overstuffed chairs and fireplaces..great food and drink..huge celebrity hangout.

          1. I think Okada sushi is an easy walk. Delicious, and not too expensive. Second Caffe Artigiano for coffee, etc, though I wasn't big on their breakfast wraps.

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              Re Artiggiano, we've had really good luck with their sandwiches and soups. Maybe a bit more expensive than your average panini, but worth it IMO. And of course the coffee is well yummy.

            2. What about Rangoli's? Or should I splurge for Vij's? And is Rangoli's just for lunch?

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                I think Rangoli's is great value, for dining in or take out. Have a look: http://www.vijsrangoli.ca/diner/index...

                Vij's is on many out-of-town gastro-tourists' lists of "musts". I have been a number of times, and am probably jaded - but if you are at all curious to see what all the fuss is about, the Vij's should probably be a "must."

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                  Any other great value for dinner options to suggest?

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                    Note that Rangoli is not close to the Fairmont. It's about a $10 cab ride away.

                    This is a rec from others on this board: Saravanaa Bhavan on Oak St - once again not close.

                    Peaceful Restaurant on Broadway near Cambie is a board favourite.

                    What type of cuisine are you speciically interested in?

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                      My general rule is "good food", but I tend to prefer lighter vegetable and fish based dishes. I'm not a huge Asian fan, unless it's Japanese and not surrounded with rice. Otherwise, I'm open to any suggestions.

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                        Then have a look at Aurora, Fuel and Boneta for both lunch and dinner. None of them are that close to your hotel. Boneta is in Gastown, a brisk walk away. Aurora and Fuel are about a $10-$15 cab ride away.

                        They are all excellent, use locally sourced ingredients and have great vegetable and fish dishes.

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                          Can I walk there? I don't mind, I would just have to plan ahead in terms of timing

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                            Boneta is very walkable.
                            Aurora - you can skytrain to Main St station then walk up Main.
                            Fuel - it is actually a scenic walk over the Burrard St bridge to 4th Ave. The views from the bridge are stunning.

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                              Funny that Boneta has so many connections with Montreal.

                              1. re: swissfoodie

                                Yes - Richard Bastien of le Mitoyen is Jeremie Bastien's dad.

                                1. re: fmed

                                  And Neil worked with Daren Bergeron at Lumiere and Feenie's. Daren came back to Montreal to open Decca77 - a personal favourite

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                                    Sounds like you will be going to Boneta ;)

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                                    FYI, Richard Bastien is better known for Lemeac - the quintessential French bistro in Outremont - the posh French area of town.

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                                      Ah yes, thanks swissfoodie. I only mentioned le Mitoyen because Jeremie worked there.

                                      If you do decide to check out Boneta (and Jeremie's cooking) please report back!

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                                        What about on Thurlow, apparently there are some good Indian spots there? And other than Okada, any places for takeout sushi or seafood that is a must around the Fairmount? BTW, I have developed a mild addiction to Artigiano's coffee and fruit/nut scone

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                                          Robson and Thurlow area have some Indian spots...none of them I consider great.

                                          >>And other than Okada, any places for takeout sushi or seafood that is a must around the Fairmount?

                                          There are so many "lunch-grade" sushi restaurants in that area that serve very serviceable sushi. I hesitate to recommend just one...they all seem to be pretty "OK".

                                          >>BTW, I have developed a mild addiction to Artigiano's coffee and fruit/nut scone

                                          Ha! That'll happen. Try 49th Parallel then - good coffee (IMO, better execution than Artigiano), great pastries mostly from Thomas Haas, and great beans. You probably already know that 49th is the source of Artigiano's beans and is owned and operated by Artigiano's former owner Vince Picollo - perhaps this town's best ever barista.

                                          1. re: fmed

                                            Any specific names of Indian and Sushi for dinner takeout tonight or alternative options in the area?

                                            Will look up 49th although we get the coffee out in Montreal - I've been lucky to get a bag.

                                            Is there a capers nearby?

                                            1. re: swissfoodie

                                              There's a Capers at Robson and Denman area. If you are headed there then there's a great little sushi place closeby called Miko.

                                              For serviceable Indian - the closest to you is India Gate on Robson and Seymour...not great - just OK. Then, there's a cluster of Indian at Robson and Jervis. I have had tandoori lunch there at one of them...nothing memorable enough to recommend.

                2. Hi there...

                  There's an Indian restaurant on Denman street (about a 15-20 minute walk from your hotel) called Desi Downtown. It's upstairs...and just opened last year. The original location is called Desi Junction and is located in Surrey - ask any cab driver or East Indian from Surrey and they'll all tell you that Desi Junction is their favorite place to eat. I was thrilled when they opened up a location downtown. (Warning: do NOT use them for delivery or takeout - they're still working on this!).

                  And I 100%, wholeheartedly, passionately, without question recommend Boneta. It's AMAZING. And with a team like that, how could it not be? The food is incredible, ingredients unmatchable, service impeccable, and cocktail list exceptional. They usually only have about 4 or 5 red and white wines by the glass, but some of the options are awesome. Don't you hate it when you want to have some white with an appetizer and a red with dinner, but don't want to get two whole bottles?? Boneta solves this common foodie dilemma (although some of the glasses are upwards of $20...but how else are you going to try a wine like that without getting the whole bottle?)

                  The bison carpaccio is life-changing. And if Jeremy is doing ANYTHING with duck - order it!!

                  Their desserts are so inventive - I'm not a chocolate person (probably the only woman on the planet!) but they do some really neat things with tapioca, pineapple cake....yum.

                  I'm going to make a reservation myself!

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                    I have put Desi on the hit list. Thanks!

                  2. I just wanted to thank all of you who made suggestions and guided me through your beautiful city. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting reviews of my experiences, in addition to the ones I already have. I am in total Artigiano withdrawal and still hankering for mussels at Chambar. Boneta was wonderful and Okada enlightening. I had many more experiences and can't wait to divulge them all. Hopefully, I can enable such an exprience one day in Montreal. Cheers!

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                    1. re: swissfoodie

                      Looking forward to your report. swissfoodie. I'm certainly game to go to Montreal sometime next year. In my crosshairs is Au Pied de Cochon and, of course, Schwartz's.

                      1. re: fmed

                        My reports are trickling in, they just won't be on this board... check my profile

                        1. re: swissfoodie

                          Nice blog, swissfoodie -- I especially enjoyed the post on Boneta. Keep 'em coming.