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May 20, 2008 10:40 AM


In a previous post I mentioned that I would report back on a group dinner at L’Inconnu.
This was a set menu as we were 45 people for a bday party…
The place itself is very nice, lacks a bit of color for my taste but for those who like “décor minimaliste” it really works.

I had the sweetbreads as an entrée and although I’m always reluctant to order them as I’m quite peculiar about the way they’re done, these were delicious. They were served with roasted mushrooms and what I was told was a balsamic butter.

My main course was a filet beef which was cooked to perfection and a nice red wine sauce, simple and delicious. I can’t quite remember the veggie accompaniment; however the meat was the highlight.

My boyfriend ordered the ravioli stuffed with duck and foie gras, I had a taste of these and almost regretted not having ordered this dish..

As for desert we didn’t get to try any because my friend ordered a cake which they served….The cake was a pièce montée from Patisserie Nancy (I believe that’s in NDG??) and this was quite a treat. Almost as good as the “choux” I’ve had in France!

Don’t know what the service is like on a regular night, but considering we were a large group (and quite rowdy! J ) the waitresses were quite accommodating.

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  1. That foie gras ravioli is just absolutely sublime! I so agree with you. It is too bad that it is not on the regular menu. I also had the crème brûlée when I went, it comes in three different flavours.. the rosemary one was just so surprising and delicious! Next time, I will try the pain perdu which I heard is great too... I also like the atmosphere in this place, very relaxing.

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      I had dinner at l'Inconnu with a friend and I highly recommend this place. We had an outstanding meal with excellent service. We both had the table d'hôte and did not regret it at all, I still cannot decide what I liked best between the entrée, main dish and desert.

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        I went here with a group of people and had the 5 course fixed menu, a fish entree, a fried ball of risotto, duck three ways, kangaroo, and then truffles for dessert. On the whole I have to say I was not particularly impressed. Both the duck and the kangaroo were sauced in a red-wine reduction - really, you can't figure out more than one way to sauce things? The fried risotto ball with a pesto was an interesting idea but insubstantial and not particularly good. The kangaroo was relatively flavourless - seemed like a plain cut of beef (albeit I'd never had it before). The service was good and the food was well executed, but on the whole I thought the meal was completely lacking in imagination. There are many better restaurants at comparable prices.

    2. We spent this past week end in Montreal and visited L'Inconnu based on the recommendation from previous posts about the restaurant. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to this restaurant! We arrived at around 8:00 pm on a Saturday night to find that the restaurant was fairly busy. We didn't have a reservation however were seated promptly toward the back of the restaurant near the bar. The wait staff was very friendly, attentive and accomodating and the food was fabulous. I enjoyed the tasting menu which included an artful presentation of foie gras terrine, baggettes toasts, kosher salt and apple gelee. The second course was a slaw salad with lemon mayonnaise and garnished with roe. Fiddle head fern pureé was the soup of the day with a sweetbread garnish. The main course was a fabulous dish of veal chops and the meal was topped off with a molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I highly recommend L'Inconnu and will visit the restaurant agin on my next trip to Montreal.