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May 20, 2008 10:39 AM

Chinatown suggestions for young kids

My wife and I celebrate our anniversary each year by bringing our 3 daughters out for dinner. Each year we try a different food/geography combo. (One year we had a Japanese dinner at Fugakyu, another year Italian food in the North End at Il Panino). This year we promised we'd go to Chinatown. Here is the challenge: my kids' concept of Chinese food is typically suburban. I want to expand their horizons without overwhelming them. I eat in Chinatown for lunch on a weekly basis and love experimenting, but I don't trust myself to find a suburban-kid-friendly place. Any Chowhound suggestions??

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  1. Have you been to King Fung? The food there is wonderful and cheap. For the kids, they will love the pan fried ravioli and scallion pie. They also have a thick noodle dish called Shanghai chow mein that is so yummy. That will satisfy the kids (and you) and then you and your wife could be more adventurous on some of the other meals. Their peking duck is excellent but you have to order 24 hours in advance & it's really just you and your wife eating it, there will be lots leftover. Again king fung is more of a hole in the wall but with excellent food. It you're looking for something snazzier, then you may want to try East Ocean City or Jumbo Seafood.

    1. Try Malaysian fare at Penang. The menu is pretty broad which includes fun appetizers like roti canai, poh piah and satay, stir fried noodles, seafood dishes and much more. Also the ambiance is a little different from the standard Chinatown spot. Don't forget to order the fun and festive looking shaved ice dessert called ABC.

      1. I think most of Chinatown is kid friendly.

        My nieces and nephew always get a kick out of the live fish tanks at Peach Farm or East Ocean City...and they should be able to offer "kid friendly" dishes.

        1. We grew up in the Boston suburbs, but as kids my sister and I loved going out for dim sum at Imperial Tea House (right by the gate). It's a good place to be adventurous, because you can see the food before you order it! Afterwards we'd pick out some treats to take home from Hing Shing bakery across the street - pork buns, almond cookies and moon cakes were our favorites.

          1. One of the reasons I like Hei La Moon so much is because they're so nice to my kids whenever we go there. Agree on the dim sum recommendation: it's so cheap that if the kids don't like something, they can always move on to something else.