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May 20, 2008 10:34 AM

Friend on a "raw cleansing regime"

Several friends are getting together for dinner this weekend in DC/Bethesda/Silver Spring area and one is currently on a raw food cleansing regime. She says salads are fine. The rest of us are omnivores and really care about good food and wine, so we can't just go to some O' Salad Mio type place. Help, please....

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  1. What about Ceviche in Silver Spring???

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    1. re: krenee

      This person's friend is probably raw vegan, so Ceviche wouldn't work (unless they serve salads).

      My own diet is about 80% raw, and as far as going out is concerned, there are simply are no high-end raw food restaurants here (that is, a restaurant that serves such good raw food that omnivores could happily eat there too). So when I go out with my husband or with friends, I eat cooked vegetarian food.

      My suggestion would be to find a good restaurant for the omnivores that also serves excellent salads. This may not be easy (I just checked Nora's website, and all the salads include cooked ingredients). Perhaps some restaurant would be willing to put together a plate of nice crudites with some sort of dressing for your friend.

      1. re: eam531

        You are right! I thought finding a good salad place would be a cinch, but it's just not! As for ceviche -- she's not normally a vegan, but I think is not currently eating any fish.

        1. re: florwoman

          One place you might think about trying is Vegetate. It's a vegetarian place by the new convention center. Perhaps the chef there might be open to making some of the dishes raw for your friend. This place is very hip-looking (not a crunchy granola cafe) and it has a liquor license.

          DC just is not in the same league as NYC and LA when it comes to high-end vegan/raw restaurants.

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