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Anyone been to Hubba Hubba in Hendersonville, NC?

A friend just told about a new barbecue place outside of Hendersonville in Flat Rock called Hubba Hubba. It's supposed to rival 12 Bones. Anyone else been?

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  1. Got any idea where it's located?

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      Its just past Flat Rock Bakery.I noticed it today.

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        I spoke to the owner a few weeks ago. Apparently he is the "landlord" of the Wrinkled Egg/Flat Rock Bakery complex. I haven't eaten there, but a friend who is a bit of a "smoke" afficianado said his set-up looked promising. Somebody go and tell us about it!!!

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          I went by this place yesterday early morning. Tis located down behind that block of stores just past the Wrinkled Egg. There is a sign up on Rt-225 but it's easily missed. They were not open when I got there but smoke was coming out of the chimney, A signboard said that for this week their hours are 1100-1500. They also have a menu board outside and there is a window to order and pick up your food. I could not tell if they had inside seating.

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            Here's more data on this place. Tis located behind the Hand in Hand Gallery which is at 2720 Greenville Highway (NC Rt-225). This is right next to the Wrinkled Egg which is at the intersection of Rt-225 and West Blue Ridge Rd. They opened only 3 days ago and current hours are 1100 AM to 300 PM. Hours will be adjusted when things settle down.

            There is no indoor seating but there are decks (one covered) on two of the nearby businesses where you can sit and eat.

            They have pork ribs (full slab $20, half slab $11) and sandwiches (pulled pork, pulled chicken, sliced brisket and sliders (?)); plates (pulled pork, pulled chicken) which come with two sides and corn bread; sides (cole slaw, collards, chips, beans) and the usual soft drinks.

            I got a half slab and took it home. My order took them about 10 minutes and they were not busy. I don't offer this as a criticism, I think the delay meant that the ribs were not just sitting around getting old. They had to do something to them to get them ready for me.

            They were GREAT! My wife, who is a big fan of 12 Bones in Asheville says that Hubba Hubba's rubs are even better.

    2. We plan to try it tomorrow - will report back. My mom took a picture of the menu (no paper ones yet) ...will make my first attempt at attaching a photo!

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        ok, that didn't work (spinning endlessly) - let me try again....

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          looks great! thanks for posting that

      2. Ok, tried HH tonight. I will preface all of this by saying that BBQ and all its siblings are a very subjective food family. The type I like, others may not and vice versa, so for the ribs (which were not my favorite) I'll try to explain what they tasted like to me so that you can determine if they are your style or not.

        My mom ordered ahead and then stopped by right before 3pm to pick it up. She said she only had to wait about 2 minutes while they assembled/bagged/etc for her to take home. So, pretty quick when you pre-order.

        My husband had the brisket plate with sides of baked beans and potato salad. Also comes with a piece of cornbread. I had the 1/2 slab of ribs and added a slice of cornbread. My mom had the pulled pork sandwich and had chips with it. She got some sauce to go for all of us in the little plastic salad dressing-like cups.

        My husband said he really liked the brisket. Right up there with some other good ones he's had. He also liked his sides. The potato salad is a little different in that it has some little chopped red pepper and other odds and ends in it. It is a mayonnaise based potato salad. I tried his baked beans and potato salad and really liked both.

        I also really liked the cornbread. Being a northern girl, I like mine sweet and this was (but not overly so). It has little bits of corn in it too.

        My mom loved her pulled pork sandwich. Plenty of pork. She thought it was odd that they put pickles in the sandwich, but I explained that is not uncommon with pulled pork. If you don't like them, you can easily pull them off.

        I liked my ribs "ok". I will explain...I like my ribs to be fall off the bone tender and very moist (pork or beef). These were pork and had a dry rub (which was ok because i could add sauce) and the dry rub had good flavor, but then the ribs were heavily smoked. They were much more "dense" than I prefer (not chewy or tough, but dense, for lack of a better word) and tasted more like ham instead of like roasted pork, if that makes any sense? My husband tried one and agreed (he wasn't crazy about them either). I love ham, but for ribs, I don't like them to be so smoked.

        So, consensus was that all was a big hit except the ribs, but I'm sure that is just our personal preference (obviously, ThaiNut's family liked them!). We would all definitely go back. And if anyone tries the two cole slaws (either the "sauteed" or "vinegar"), would be curious how those are - and what they are.

        My mom said she thinks the official opening date is sometime in the beginning of June, so I'm sure this is their "sorting out" period. Right now, they are only open Tues - Sat. from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.

        1. Went this past Friday and loved it!

          The pulled pork was terrific. Not the soft (almost pre-chewed) consistency that you get some places. This was like a backyard pig pickin' to me.

          Loved the corn bread. The "sauteed slaw" was a greens and onion kind of thing that I enjoyed.

          The ribs....ohmygodgood. Thick, terrific dry pepper rub with their chipotle sauce was great. Very meaty.

          Now, I would not put them ahead of 12 Bones in the rib department. The slab I got at Hubba Hubba were right up there with the best, but there was only 1 choice (dry rub). There is no way that you can get anything better than 12 Bones' Blueberry ribs and their (12 Bones) choices of rubs and sauces is gonna be very hard to beat.

          Absolutely will make Hubba Hubba a regular stop.

          1. I'll weigh in here with a middle of the road review.

            We arrived around 2:15...they were out of ribs. Also out of all the sides I had selected by the time I got to the window.

            Husband and I both got pulled pork, I like it OK. Nothing to write home about, nothing to complain about. I liked the vinegar slaw w/ cilantro better than the sauteed slaw, but they were very similar. My squash and tomato side was good. Husband's brisket slider was good. I like the concept of fresh corn in cornbread, but I didn't think it was executed very well. Tiny, tiny tea glasses and no tea to serve yourself on the outside table. I liked the vinegar sauce, but the BBQ sauce was catsup and the mustard sauce was so-so.

            So...if you're looking for BBQ, it's an acceptable place, but...looking at the goat pizza on the table right below me made me wish I had visited the pizza boys instead ! Next time I'm getting a pizza, I'll see if there is a 1/2 rack of ribs available , just to try.

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              I had the same experience, got there at 2 and they were out of most stuff. We will try it once more, especially since you can go to the bakery too and get a pizza at the same time!

            2. We LOVE Hubba Hubba. We live in the area, and eat there almost every Friday. You get your food quickly and the atmosphere is fantastic. I have eaten at the pizza place above Hubba Hubba, and it is also wonderful. It is obviously a different type of restaurant, so it depends on what you are in the mood for. I am surprised by the fact that another reviewer said that Hubba was out of particular foods - I have never had that happen to me, and I order an array of things off the menu. The fish tacos are outstanding. The cornbread is my favorite. The sides are also very good - they have this avocado slaw that is extremely unique and delicious. I am originally from Alabama and have eaten some great BBQ in my day - Hubba is right up with the best!

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                Are we are talking about the same place? There isn't anything above Hubba Hubba (unless you are referring to Flat Rock Bakery next door?). Hubba Hubba is a free standing building and you can't eat inside, so not sure what atmosphere you're talking about unless you mean the outdoor seating? And the shops there HAVE greatly expanded the outdoor seating - including a large covered area, which is great!

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                  Believe me, Flat Rock Bakery is ABOVE if you mean climbing! If you eat outside at Hubba Hubba and climb up you are at the back of the Flat Rock Bakery. Which has terrific pizzas.

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                  12 Bones is my favorite, but HH is a close second..Ohhhhhh !--fish tacos--didn't know they had those--will get them next time. I love HH. The sides are different (cornbread, potato salad) from the usual ones you find at BBQ places. Unique place--don't pass it up. The bakery next door is quite unique also and worth a visit afterward.

                3. Go ahead and drive to 12 Bones in Arden or Asheville.

                  1. Don't know about 12 Bones...but Hubba Bubba's bbq is astounding. The meat is so flavorful that I often don't put any sauce on it. They have a serve yourself sauce bar...so you can create your own sampler plate or get as much as you want. The corn bread is the BEST I have ever had...and their side dishes are all delicious. It is a casual environment. All outside. You order at a window and pick up at another window. There is covered seating and picnic tables. I highly recommend this quaint dive. Also be sure to check out the Cafe at William's Hardware, about 30 minutes south on highway 25 south in Travelers Rest, SC. cafeatwilliamshardware.com

                    1. Best BBQ I've ever eaten, as well as best slaw (I always get the vinegar slaw). They catered our daughter's wedding and did it up right! Not a glitch. Professional, attractive presentation, and delicious. Plus great variety in what they offered. A year later, guests are still talking about the food. Now that's great catering!