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May 20, 2008 10:01 AM

Help with Good (and varied) food options in San Diego?

I'm going to San Diego on business and, finally, I'm going without the family--so I can try some new things. What do the locals eat? I want mid-range and less expensive, with maybe one nicer restaurant. I like all cuisines, but would love to know the nontourist places. Outside of that place in Old Town with the giant margaritas (who cares about the food ;-) ) I haven't a clue. Help!

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    1. What do the locals eat ?? Everything!!! But I guess Baja style seafood is a regional favorite.

      South Beach Bar and Grill in Ocean Beach is a must for fish tacos. 2nd best Taco place in the US according to Bon Appetit and food network. It's a bit of a dive bar, but the tacos are out of this world and the views (inside and out) are great! Be prepared to wait for a table if you hit it primetime. Another dive bar, Hodad's, up the same street serves a great burger, and according to Guy Fieri (food network) is one of the best around.

      Point Loma Seafood is a real local's place. It's primarily a fish market, but the food is pretty damn good too. I love the crab louie sandwich. The fish taquitos are unique and simply delicious. I could eat them 7 days a week. Pair that with a schooner of Anchor Steam and you've got a fantastic lunch.

      For another regional fovorite try Baja style lobster. Ortega's in Hillcrest has very good mexican, specializing in Baja style lobster. It's not cheap, but the food is good and the restaurant has a great atmosphere.

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            Love Love Love Mariscos German!
            I guess that makes it five words.

        1. Welcome to SD! South Beach Bar in Ocean Beach for the mahi tacos is a must, low cost and unbeatable. Low cost good Mexican try Ranchos, several locations, best in OB. If you are staying downtown and like thai food, hit up Royal Thai. Or in Hillcrest, The Better Half is great. For high end Mexican- not cheap but real Oaxacan Mexican I like Candela downtown and El Agave in Old Town. Both are original and a great taste experience.

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