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May 20, 2008 09:55 AM

Where to Find Profiteroles for Sale

Hi, I have a need for profiteroles (I love never having to explain myself when I mention a completely absurd 'need' on this site) and cannot seem to find a bakery that sells them. I'm located around College and Ossington, so somewhere closer to there would be excellent, but any suggestions irrespective of geography would be appreciated.


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  1. Usually any Italian Bakery would carry them. I've previously purchased ones filled with Mocha at La Rose Bakery in Etobicoke.

    140 La Rose Ave.

    1. You might try Dessert Trends on Harbord, they make those elaborate croquembouches, which is a basically a structure made of cream puffs -

      Not in your neighbourhood but you'd find them at Rahier's on Mount Pleasant.

      Not bakeries but Le Paradis and Matignon have them on the menu -

      1586 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

      Le Paradis
      166 Bedford Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2K9, CA

      51 St Nicholas St, Toronto, ON M4Y1W6, CA

      Dessert Trends
      154 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

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        Not sure if they sell them separately but I'll second the rec for Dessert Trends - they made our croquembouche wedding cake and it was spectacular.