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May 20, 2008 09:41 AM

wine store near milton, ma

Does anyone know of a wine shop near Milton, Ma, where I can get solid recommendations of good, not expensive wine? I used to go to Esprit du Vin, but am reluctant to return after buying a corked bottle of $75 French wine for a special gift--way out of my price league. I don't blame the shop because I understand that it buys in small quantities, that it's the luck of the draw, and that they don't have to refund, but I no longer feel confident there.

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  1. Atlas Liquors in Quincy (Adams St.) has an okay selection, but no real wine person. Wollastion Liquors on Beale St. does have a wine person, but their selection is rather limited. One of the better ones in the area (if you don't mind a little drive) is the Wine Cask in Somerville. Good selection and a knowledgeable staff. I make a morning of it on some Saturdays. Hit the Wine Cask first, then go the 100 yards down the street to Saveneur's, pick something for dinner, then pop over to Formaggio Kitchen for a cheese snack. Great way to start a Saturday.

    1. "They" say up to one in ten bottles is corked, so it's a gamble any place you go. I learned to save my receipts a looooong time ago. If you've otherwise enjoyed Esprit du Vin, I say stick with 'em, as long as they have a return policy. Really, the chances of it not happening someplace else are literally exactly the same.

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        What do you mean by "a return policy?" It was my friends who went to the store and told the owner what had happened (he knows them and was familiar with the bottle because it was unusual). He didn't offer to refund, replace, or something else if I took him the receipt. Should he have? My friends felt bad for me because they knew I had intended to wow them with the gift, so they didn't tell me until I asked much later whether they had enjoyed the wine.

        1. re: neophyte

          Many (Most?) reputable wine stores will take back a bottle of corked wine and either replace it or refund the money you spent. This policy also applies to wineries if you happen to be close enough to return the bottle yourself. So, if you find it to be corked, just pour it back into the bottle, and stick the cork back into it and take it back.

          Note: the wine has to be flawed, you can't just return wines you didn't happen to care for

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            Perhaps I'm lucky in the fact that most retailers in my area are very generous, but any corked/obviously flawed wine has been able to be returned with a receipt.