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May 20, 2008 09:27 AM

Recommendations near W Lakeshore

This is where my boyfriend and I are staying for 4th of July week. I have no clue about this neighborhood, so I'm curious if it's known for any great places. Otherwise we'll happy to trek around the city for other places.

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  1. We will probably need more info on what you're looking for in terms of cuisine and price range. Off the top of my head I would say that these two are don't misses for the area:

    De La Costa:
    Great pan-latino food. They have an outdoor area near the river which will be great for around 4th of July. It is within spitting distance of the W.

    Fox & Obel Cafe:
    Go here for lunch or breakfast, they have very nice pastries and great sandwiches (try the turkey, brie & cranberry) Food is pricy but worth it. This is also very close to the W.

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      Funny, I made the same two recommendations in the topic the OP created a few days ago at

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          Pink Dress,
          I am a concierge at W City Center hotel. You will have to stay at our W property next time. You will be in a great location at W Lakeshore though. W Lakeshore is set back on the lake so, as mentioned above, you are near a whole lot, but it's a few extra blocks to walk to most things. W Lakeshore also offers an Acura MDX driving service that will take you anywhere you want to go free of charge as long as a car is available if you want to venture farther from the hotel but don't want to pay for a cab. For that weekend I would recommend booking restaurant and car reservations in advance. I also think Delacosta and Fox and Obel are great choices within walking distance of the hotel. For non-fodd stuff I recommend that Chicagoline Architectural and Historical cruises which I mention because A. They are awesome and B. They leave from next to Fox and Obel if you wanted to do both one day. They do a good job. Blackbird and Japonais are great restaurants as are their respective sister restaurants Avec and Mirai, respectively. It all depends though, on what area you would like to be in, what time you are headed out, atmosphere, etc. One new opening that I recommend is Tikashi. I think it's fantastic. No bar scene to speak of, but good looking, boutique sized place, somewhat hip, great food. W Lakeshore has a bar called Whiskey Sky on the 22nd floor, that has a beautiful view which should be only more stunning if you were inclined to watch fireworks. You should call or email your concierge before your visit. They can do a good job of assisting you. Cheers.