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May 20, 2008 09:27 AM

[SEA] Dinner downtown after SATC premiere

I'm going with a couple girlfriends to the Sex and the City Premiere at the Meridian 16 next Friday. Where can we go nearby that would be appropriately fabulous for dinner? We'll be at 7th & Pike and in heels. We're willing to walk, but not far and prefer a place that takes reservations. A cab to another part of the city is of course an option too. We're looking for tasty food (though can probably manage with just small plates and appetizers) and of course great cocktails!

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  1. Palace Kitchen is appropriately fabulous and with fabulous cocktails, but doesn't take reservations. It's never much of a wait for 2, but can be an hour for more on a Friday night (and the bar area gets crowded.)

    The chef's table at Union might be a good bet. It's close to the bar for the fabulous factor (the main dining room is a bit subdued) and the food and cocktails are both tops.

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      Palace Kitchen takes reservations if your party is 5+ (or is it 6+?) people. Yum!

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        PK takes reservations for parties of 6 or more.

    2. another option would be Barolo

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          1. Union Square Grill sounds like what you are looking for and it's only a short block away. Great food, sexy coctails and lots of beautiful people. You can look at food and coctail menus and make reservations at their website.