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Donut Man??

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can I still get strawberry donuts from donut man, since it is still strawberry season? I hope so... If so, is it better to go really early or is 9-ish still ok? Also, what are the other donuts that you all recommend getting? Thanks for your help

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  1. Get the chocolate-iced cream filled (also known as Bismarcks I think).

      1. Strawberry season is just about to shift into overdrive... as long as they can get them, and as long as the peaches haven't arrived in substantial numbers, you can bet they'll be available. No matter when you're going, I would call about 30 minutes before your ETA to make sure. And this still doesn't guarantee anything. One strawberry-glazed fanatic coming from parts-unknown can wipe out a huge portion of their inventory at hand...

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          The strawberry donuts were available a couple of days ago, at least, and they were delicious. As I've reported previously, one of the counter guys told me that they DO take orders over the phone, so you won't waste a trip. I must say that "waste a trip" and "Donut Man" sound strange in the same sentence!

          1. re: Mel Gee

            Yup! Call... The amount they make really depends with the amount they have on hand. The last time I got a Strawberry Donut was at 7p. So they def. have times when they have plenty by evening.


        2. There is no such thing "early" at the Donut Man. They are open 24/7.

          Go whenever, just don't go when you're not hungry for donuts.

          I'm pretty sure strawberry donuts are still available. In a month or so, it'll be peach season, but right now I'd imagine they've got plenty of those donut sandwiches, er, ahem, donuts for you.

          As to what else is good, I think the bearclaws and the buttermilk are nice alternatives to the seasonal fruit donuts. Oh, and don't overlook the regular glazed ...

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            For 'hounds who stumble across this thread at certain holiday times of the year: Donut Man is generally open 24/7 but not 24/365, as I discovered late one holiday evening. Was it Easter? New Years? Christmas? I can't remember, because the experience was so traumatic! Fortunately, my insurance covers grief counseling (for Donut Man only). Do call ahead if you're planning to stop by on a major holiday.

            Donut Man
            915 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740

            1. re: Mel Gee

              That's a good point Mel, because I know that they are not open during Xmas.

          2. Thanks for all the info! I'll definately call before I go and hope there's strawberries left!

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            1. re: yum

              I was told by someone who phoned them that they make a lot of fresh doughnuts late-night, like 10pm.

              1. re: CookieEater

                They make donuts through out the DAY. I've been there at 5a, 6p and 10p, and they were always making donuts...


            2. don't get the apple fritter - not so good

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                Not so good for you, I guess, pfoods. I think the fritter is stupendous, but I rarely order it, because it's too much unless I have a couple-dozen people with me. Very dangerous with all those knives. For that reason, I usually prefer the cinnamon-apple-raisin roll, which any smallish village could polish off in one sitting.

                What is it you don't like about the fritter? (Be warned: anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of donut.)

                1. re: Mel Gee

                  i'm scared to tell you with all this talk of knives...
                  normally i love apple fritters but it was cardboard-y and tasted mostly of burnt raisins. i had to throw it away.
                  maybe it was an off day? what makes it stupendous for you? i'm willing to try again...

                  1. re: pfoods

                    I'm gonna butt in here as an apple fritter advocate. You may have received a bad batch, if you got burnt raisins. We might even be talking about different items, because I don't recall raisins in what I call the apple fritter.

                    In general, Donut Man donuts are weighty overstuffed calorie bombs because they're obscenely generous with filling. The apple fritter is no exception. It's not enough at Donut Man to impale a donut on the filling prong and crank 'er up to 30 psi. They partially filet the apple fritter, pry open the top like a clamshell, and dump about a full cup of cubed apples and cinammony goo inside.

                    Mmmm. Goo.

                    Never mind that the apple goo comes out of a 5 gallon bucket. It's a good quality commercial goo, rather than a housemade filling that you might get at a high end patisserie. But you're at a donut shop, fer criminy's sake, and compared to 99% of other donut shops anywhere, they make sure you're getting an oversaturated donut:filling ratio.

                    The strawberry and peach fillings (stuffings?) are more from-scratch and use fresh local fruit, but damn, even the donuts filled with commercial goo (custard filled Boston Cream, anyone?) make me lather at the mouth.

                    Sorry to say I started South Beach recently, right during the handoff from strawberry to peach season. Allow me a quiet moment to sob into my hankie...

                    1. re: Professor Salt

                      Ok then, what I had was definitely not the apple fritter. I asked for an apple fritter but they must have given me something else. What you describe sounds great. I like goo. There was no goo!

                      1. re: pfoods

                        Then again, maybe I've got the name wrong. We've at least ID'ed a couple different apple critters.

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                          Update: I did get the name wrong. The goo filled one is called the apple filled donut.

                      2. re: Professor Salt

                        "Mmmm. Goo."

                        That must be a typo, Salt. I'm sure you meant, "Mmmm. Gooooo."

                        Yes, pfoods, you're obviously talking about one of my favorites -- the cinnamon-apple-raisin roll, not the fritter, which has no raisins and a lot more apples. If the CAR tastes like cardboard, then where's FedEx, because I want to be a shipping container!

                        It does sometimes get a little overcooked on the thin edges (thin, relative to the fritter). But that offers a great taste and texture contrast to the inner rings of raisins and apples and goo, especially if you've thought to bring a good cup of coffee with you to moisten the drier parts. (Donut Man's coffee is, er, wet and hot.) Of course, you might have gotten a bad batch, so I recommend another try. Or go straight for the fritter, or if you want something deliciously light, try the French crullers in several flavors.

                2. OH MAN, I drive from Van Nuys just to clog my arteries with that stuff... you can order anything from DM and it is good!... but why take a chance... don't just order one thing...get a sampling of 'em all! Wifey hears me typing and sez, "a dozen buttermilk, please...and some chocolate ones too!" Son sees me typing and chimes in, "cream filled with chocolate on top!!!"

                  Good Eats

                  1. Does anyone else do this at Donut Man?

                    Buy one strawberry donut and one regular glazed to chase it down with? I sometimes find that there is too much gooey, fruity goodness in the strawberry donuts and a regular glazed is a nice pairing to balance out the sugar to fried dough ratio.

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                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      I did that the last time I was there in August '07 but with their peach-filled that I pulled out of the heated trunk after driving out to Vegas. I felt pretty darned satisfied and equally as guilty. To make things worse, I ate the first one one-handed while driving out to Vegas. Great snacks truly drive me to stupidity, or should I say make me drive stupidly...

                      1. re: bulavinaka

                        Stupidity? Hardly.

                        If I was going to perish behind the wheel, I would want the EMT guys to find me with a mouthful of strawberry donuts and a fistful of glazed donuts from Donut Man.

                    2. Go at any time. One time I went at 2 in the morning and there would be people still coming in to buy donuts. Get the Bear claws or the Chocolate with Bavian Creme. That is the bomb! It's strawberry season for now before Peach season comes along.

                      As a note, they do close for certain holidays like Easter Sunday.

                      My review: http://pepsimonster.blogspot.com/2008...

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                      1. re: Pepsi Monster

                        I agree and was going to post the same reply about those Bear Claws. These are what Bear Claws should be like -- BIG, but I also think of the Donut Man maple bars as perfect. Those very long bars are also wide enough and covered with a nice maple. SGV has a number of very good donut stands. Several are destination status for a “Donut Run.”

                        Donut Man for those in season strawberry or peach mountain size overfilled donuts that look more like a slice of pie. Giant Bear Claws and those long maple bars and chocolate bars.
                        915 E Route 66
                        Glendora, CA 91740-3608
                        (626) 335-9111
                        East of S. Grand Ave., Cross Street: Elwood Avenue.

                        One word sums up Peacock Donuts – “Pride.” Try the Cake donuts with a perfect crust and moist inside. I always ask for a “well done plane cake” but the iced selection or with sprinkles are also exceptional. The Cinnamon swirl which is a long crusty crunchy twist covered with caramelized cinnamon & sugar that goes really good with coffee or milk is special. Likewise, the Cinnamon twist which looks like a glazed donut going incognito as a cinnamon funnel cake, and is even better, is also special. The Buttermilk bar is small compared to most others but the quality makes up for that. The golden outside crust and glaze and moist inside. This place goes way over the top as a destination donut shop with the best selection of Crullers in LA.
                        Peacock Donuts
                        34 E. Durate Rd. (1 block East of Santa Anita Ave. & plenty of parking in the rear)
                        Arcadia, CA 91006
                        (626) 445-6564

                        A.M. Donuts, IMO, has the best Glazed donuts in LA. I enjoy just looking at these perfect examples of what a raised glazed donut should be and can almost hear the Helms Bakery truck whistle when I have one in my hand. The perfect size like a giant round pillow you can hardly open your mouth wide enough for, a perfect thin glaze and the perfect density. When I can’t decide where to go for breakfast I just go get two of these and fogetaboutit. This place also has a wild selection of Cinnamon Crumb covered ….everything.
                        A.M. Donuts
                        34 W. Las Tunas Dr.
                        Arcadia, CA 91007
                        (626) 574-0160
                        One Block West of Santa Anita Ave. Across the street form Rite Aid, hidden in a small parking lot.

                        1. re: JeetJet

                          Peacock Donuts is at 34 E. **Duarte** Rd., for those of you not familiar with Arcadia, who might have trouble with the typo.

                          1. re: JeetJet

                            This morning, I had an apple crumb, 2 bavarian cremes, 1 bear claw, 1 peach donut and a maple bar.

                            I like the dough on these guys. The maple bar was pretty good for a maple bar. Large size, nice tender donut, and sweet maple icing that I so love.

                            I also liked the bavarian creme. Huge donut, with lots of vanilla pudding filling (which is basicaly bavarian cream i guess) topped with the overly sweet choco-icing I so love.

                            I thought the peaches were hard on the peach donut and honestly I could just halve any old donut, fill it with fruit, and it would have been as good or better, as I would use good fruit. I might try that with figs. Honestly, I was underwhelmed, but it was 3am so beggars can't be choosers. No strawberry donuts at this time of night, unfortunately.

                            The bear claw was huge (all of these donuts were big but the bear claw is enough for for 2 normal people). Again, I liked the tender yeasty dough on these puppies, nice chew, yet tender. However, I gotta say, not loving the generic apple pie filling. I also like my donuts a little sweeter than this one. Asian folks might like this donut as not very sweet at all. I would drench this in icing and then I would call it a donut.

                            Apple crumb was my least favorite. A halved donut filled with generic apple pie filling. No icing to give me a sugar hit so I could forget about the generic apple pie filling. Yech.

                            Overall, not worth another 40 mile detour for me. Was good to experience what everyone else is talking about but I suspect I am a Fritelli's girl (am hitting that this week)

                            1. re: choctastic

                              Something is off with the DM peach donuts this time around. I had one the other night, and the peaches were beautiful but hard and unripe. I was already home by the time I dipped into the box, so I couldn't ask.

                              Earlier in the week -- last Tuesday -- I had fresh-peach pie at the Bake 'n Broil, and the peaches were fabulous -- perfectly luscious, ripe, and peachy. The memory of that pie only deepened my discontent with the Donut Man's usually splendid fruit donut. (I bought 30 strawberry donuts for a family gathering a couple of months ago, and everyone raved over them.)

                              Has anyone else had a bad experience with the current crop of DM peaches? Are they getting those big plastic tubs of fruit from a new supplier? I will certainly inquire the next time I'm there.

                              Jongewaard’s Bake 'n Broil
                              3697 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

                              1. re: sbritchky

                                I've been contemplating finally making a journey for the peach donut. I've had the strawberry twice. If it's "off" this year then I might have to reconsider...

                                1. re: sbritchky

                                  I just called the peach fuzz on Donut Man and registered a complaint about the current crop. DM is aware of the problem and expects riper fruit at some point -- but no specific prediction on when.

                                  Given their status as one of the top donut purveyors in Southern California, they're making a serious mistake putting out any product that is less than their best. Unless they fix the peach situation immediately, I will not not return even for other kinds of donuts until late this afternoon or, possibly, early evening.

                                  1. re: sbritchky

                                    " I will not not return even for other kinds of donuts until late this afternoon or, possibly, early evening."


                                  2. re: sbritchky

                                    I had the same disappointing experience... and I drove an hour out of my way for them, too.

                                  3. re: choctastic

                                    Aside from the "Not Ready for Prime Time" peach issue, I think the strawberry donuts are superior. The acid taste in strawberries is much brighter which goes well with the glaze and the calorie-busting donut's fat hiding under the glaze...

                                2. re: Pepsi Monster

                                  i have to agree with that bavarian creme recommendation. i had my first a month ago...and it was incredible! it's not my last!!!!!!!

                                3. Speaking of DM... they have a killer churro...yes, churro... if you are there at the right time...i don't know when that time is, though, cause I only had it once and its not on the menu. someone told me they make them on friday night at exactly 9:47pm on the fifth sunday of a gibbious moon in the aftershadow of when venus crosses paths with mercury... i'm gonna buy me a farmers almanac!

                                  one hell of a churro, tho!

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                                  1. re: AteTooMuch

                                    Hmm, are you sure that wasn't one of their Tiger Tails?

                                    1. re: ipsedixit

                                      Hon, I know the difference between a churro and a tigertail...i bake them both. =)

                                      ask them, they have churros ;)

                                  2. Has anyone been recently who can attest to better peach donuts?

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                                    1. re: ReelMike84

                                      Sorry -- I meant to post.

                                      Donut Man now has much-better peaches (as of early this week). Still not the top I've had there and not equal to that Bake n' Broil fresh-peach pie a few weeks ago but pretty good. BTW, at Bake n' Broil last week, they discouraged the peach pie because THEIR peaches were too mushy! I'm still a bit miffed at DM for knowingly selling unripe peaches.

                                      1. re: sbritchky

                                        With the overabundance of stone fruits this season, I would think DM would have little reason not to have a continuous rotating stockpile of ripening fruit. You may need to head over there and be their fruit-ripening consultant and quality-control monitor. If it gets too overwhelming for you, please inform DM that all of us would be willing to pitch in!