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Mustard based Tuna?

I am looking for a quick and easy mustard-based tuna salad recipe. I want to start taking tuna sandwiches to work since they are relatively cheap to make. But I don't want to use Mayo. I would like to substitute mustard or something similar (since mustard is really good for a person).

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  1. Take any tuna salad recipe that uses mayo and substitute equal parts plain, nonfat yogurt and mustard.

    So for example, if the recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of mayo, use instead 1 tablespoon of non-fat yogurt and 1 tablespoon of mustard,.

    You can adjust the ratio of yogurt to mustard to suit your taste, but the consistency of the salad will be comparable if you use yogurt as a base instead of mayo.

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      I will keep that in mind for when my wife wants a 'normal' like tuna salad (she loves her some tuna). Any way to just use mustard though? I kinda wanted something different and not creamy/milky based like mayo, while still keeping costs low to make (gotta love the ole money crunch)

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        I used to do this, and used only mustard cause I didn't want to have to worry about dairy sitting. My choice was just Grey Poupon Dijon, and I'd add as much as I felt was needed for the right consistency. That kind of mustard I found to be creamy enough on its own to work - as long as you enjoy mustard.

    2. I'll use a mustard viniagrette type dressing on tuna--garlic, balsamic vinegar, mustard, olive oil, seasonings/herbs. I usually mix it in with green salad. It's like a cheap, pseudo-Salade Nicoise.

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        KInd of like a pain bagnat. Good sandwich.

      2. I've been experimenting with getting rid of the mayo, too. So far I've gotten good results with mustard, cider vinegar, lemon pepper, garlic powder, sambal oelek, celery and onion. I've also done thai yum tuna for a mayo-less salad: http://www.khiewchanta.com/archives/s...

        1. If you use the tuna in olive oil instead of water, you can just throw it is the food processor with dijon, lemon, I like capers, pepper, I use anchovy but that''s not for everyone - and blend. Comes out creamy and delish - NO MAYO and no chalky gritty tuna either. Recently I used this tuna mixture to make a "Nicoise Potato Salad" and tossed the tuna mixture with some quartered boiled new potatoes, string beans, hard boiled egg, kalamata olives & more capers - I think I threw in some small tomatoes because they were in the fridge -- was super yummy! But, it is good on bread, too! Enjoy.

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            i'm lovin' the tuna in olive oil. perfect with just a squeeze of fresh lemon juice!

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              Isn't that just a tonnato sauce, not a salad?

            2. pickled ginger, mustard powder or liquid, chopped pickled jalapenos, shredded carrot. This is my take on someone else's recipe I once saw. It's got a kick, with a nice sweetness.

              1. Almost three years later, but my solution is honey mustard.

                I chop up pretty much whatever veggies want to be in the sandwich. Green onions, fresh spinach, and cherry tomatoes are my thing right now. I add a can of tuna packed in water to that and mix them up. Then I add honey mustard and a dash of salt. Then I put it on bread and that's it.

                It's really good and tasty sandwich without the mayo.

                1. Italian dressing is awesome. Even Ranch dressing mixed with a bit of mustard makes a kickin' dijon and taste awesome as well. If u use the italian dressing, try on a piece of green leaf or romaine with sliced cherry tomatoes and you have yourself a beautiful, cheap and easy lunch or dinner.

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                    Find a mild tasting mustard. Buy some 'green hamburger relish' add a little OO S&P, herbs as you like. Combine.
                    If you really want to push the boat out add some sliced black olives.

                  2. I've cut down a lot on the mayo by using the liquid from my relishes, pickles and capers.
                    I also throw in some Dijon from time to time.

                    You could just use oil, mustard and pickle juices.

                    No need for may.