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May 20, 2008 08:52 AM

FiDi street carts

With food prices rapidly rising I am more and more inclined to turn to streetcarts at least 1-2 times a week. I love gyros and shish kebab plates ones - which one is best? So far I think Zak's in front of the Harriman Bros (the black building with the red cube) is best, but they smother everything in sauce, no matter how much you stress that you want little of it. What are your choices?

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  1. I've never had a problem with asking for more or less sauce at Zak's - just say it with a smile, he'll listen better! Without question he has the best cart food in the area.

    I also like Alan's Falafel in Liberty Plaza, Gloria's Mexican Truck on the back side of the BBH building is pretty good. Although I haven't tried it yet Sandra's Hot Dog Truck and Ravioli Fair both have long lines at lunch time (also behind the BBH building). A friend recommended the Jamacian truck down near Battery Park as well.

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      If you go to Front Street between Maiden and Wall there are a few decent choices: the West Indian cart that always has a line and I think won a vendie award (I forgot the name of the award), there’s a vegetarian place on or about the plaza area on Wall (below Water towards the East River) and a pizza truck as well. To me it seems peculiar for a NYer to have pizza from a truck, but I’ve had their rice balls and slices and they’re decent for the area since most of the pizzerias besides Adrienne’s suck. Towards the ferry on Whitehall between Beaver and Pearl there’s the following: a sausage truck that also does cheese steaks that my colleagues tell me is good, Shirley’s West Indie cart and a halal cart, that resembles all the other halal carts in the city. All three have good lines at lunch. There is a truck on the corner of Whitehall and Water (American Dinner I believe) is also descent, but I once heard the owner go on a curse-filled tirade to his female colleague that would make a gangster-rapper blush. His corn beef, roast beef and roast pork are respectable as is his grasp for four-letter epithets. I would stay away from the pita truck (it’s a panel truck not a cart) on Wall and Water Street. Had a pita there and it was awful, one of the worst I ever had. I then went to a kosher place on Fulton across from Burger King (it’s small and technically it’s not a cart/truck, but priced like one) for a decent pita.

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        Do you know if any of these carts are open on the weekends ?

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          I would say the majority of them are only there Mon – Fri during business hours. On the weekends you’ll have your usually dirty water dog vendors around since the financial district attracts tourists, but none of the ones mentioned.

    2. Alan's Falafel at least 1 or 2 times a week. Best $3 you can spend. When I feel really crazy I go for the plate which fills me lunch and dinner.

      Another great cart is in front of my office at 44 Wall. Great cheesesteaks and platters.

      As far as weekend carts ... sometimes they are there but most are gone.