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May 20, 2008 08:44 AM

Barbetta on 'Restaurant Row'...

Will be attending a reunion later this month being held at Barbetta on Restaurant Row...what to expect...what to order?

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  1. We've never been to Barbetta, but it's been in its 46th St. townhouse location for 102 years. Their website has photos of the interior (landmark status) and the garden. Gorgeous!

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    1. re: RGR

      Thanks RGR, it does look lovely...any thoughts on what to order?

      1. re: gutreactions

        Hey, gutreactions,

        When it comes to the food, obviously, I can't give you any input based on personal experience. My brother and his wife were there in the fall of '06 for the first time before seeing a show. (Anniversary celebration.) Iirc, they ordered fish, and he said it was pretty good. The website provides zero in the way of a menu. (Ticks me off royally!) Menupages has a pre-theater menu. No way of knowing how current it is, but from that, I'd probably go with the braised beef and polenta, which seem relatively safe. Also, you don't say how many people are involved with your reunion. If it's a large group, you may be faced with a set menu. In any event, I hope you have a great time, and please report back.

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          Bollito misto. Barbetta is a Piemontese restaurant.