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May 20, 2008 08:41 AM

Question about Bar/Cafe at No. 9 Park

We have dinner reservations for 5pm next weekend at O Ya, but because of the early dinner time and the fact that a lot of people seem to think it's hard to get really full, we were thinking about heading over to No. 9 Park later in the evening for a nightcap/more food. My questions are:

1) If we go in at around 9pm, how hard will it be to get seated in the bar area so that we can eat? Is it the kind of bar where the later you go the less crowded, or the later you go the more crowded (I've definitely seen both in bars that serve good food).

2) I think I read somewhere that you can order off the regular OR bar menu at the bar - is this correct? And can you order off the bar menu a la carte, or does it have to be the $45 prix fixe? I think we'll want to munch but not have 3 courses after already eating dinner.

3) How bad a walk is it from O Ya to No. 9 Park? And also, is there anything good to do or see at night for an hour or two somewhere either in between or near one of the two places, since we might want to digest a little bit and also increase our chances of being able to be seated by going later? Not another bar, but shopping that's open late, sightseeing, or a movie theater would be okay.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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  1. 1) I defer to the more seasoned veterans of N9P

    2) Correct, regular or cafe menu. Even if you do the cafe menu, you can order anything a la carte (it says so discreetly at the bottom of the menu).

    3) I'd estimate a 15-minute walk. No sure about entertainment ideas.

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      If you sit at the actual bar, you can order from either cafe or dining room menu -- if you sit in the cafe you can only order from the cafe menu, unless they've changed that recently.

      Either way, I would recommend the cheese course. Wonderful.

    2. The Boston Common theater is pretty close, typical mainstream movies with a few lesser known. Not sure what day you're talking about, most things close around 7 on a Fri. (maybe 8 for Macy's), 6 or 7 on Sat. You could walk along Charles St. which is a small detour from O Ya to No. 9 Park. Or walk thru Fanueil Hall (whose shops may be open later) or the North End. Personally, I don't think it's much out of your way but I walk a lot.

      1. 1) It won't be easy, but likely worth whatever wait, if you can't get in (and they'll likely tell you) you may give Troquet a try on the otherside of the Common, great cheese and wine, not so great cocktails but still ok.

        2) As stated above, you can have the full menu at the bar, but just the cafe menu in the rest of the bar area. The cafe menu, however, is usually quite good.

        3) I think it's a great walk, kind of a New Boston to Old Boston type walk. I'd recommend strolling through Chinatown and then walking around the Common and the Public Garden (both will be fine until 11 or so and then they may start to get a bit sketchy). A direct walk between the two will be about 15 minutes. Not much in the way of shopping, but lots of food, a cinema, a few theaters.

        1. You won't be seated immediately at 9 on a weekend. If you are willing to wait, you'll probably get a seat within 30 min or so. If possible, seat at the actual bar, engage the bartenders, and take their advice. The excellent staff is probably No.9's strongest point.