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May 20, 2008 08:35 AM

Anyone tried Fusion on Main in Flemington?

Was it any good? I am sometimes wary of the restaurants that try to wear too many hats, Japanese/Thai/Indian all on one menu.

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  1. I was there about couple of months ago with my family, and was not impressed. it seemed like they were trying to take on too many cuisines, and not one was stellar. For the record we tried the satay, which was ok, the fusion triangles, which were just weird, some chicken dish ( even after I looked at the menu, i could not remember which one- bad sign), and pad thai. They bill themselves as french/asian cuisine, and I know some 'foodies' have recommended it highly, but personally I think there are better places in flemington to eat.

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      I am going to respectfully disagree with sunangelmb. I have eaten there twice, once for lunch with a Chinese friend, and once with my Filipino S.O. My Chinese friend and I were very much impressed by the quality of the food, the service, and the stylish surroundings, and she expressed a desire to return with her husband and children.

      My S.O. and I went there for dinner a few months later, and while I was not as impressed with the dinner as I had been with the lunch, it was still quite good in my opinion. My S.O.'s only complaint was that the Thai-style whole fish was not as spicy as was desired. We both agreed that the fish and shellfish entrees were made from very fresh and high-quality ingredients, including the rice.

      While it was not my best meal ever--by any stretch of the imagination--it was still credible. But, since it is a fusion style, if one is looking for dishes that are purely authentic to any one Asian cuisine, then that person will likely be disappointed. On the other hand, if one is interested in interesting, creative versions of Asian dishes, then I think that satisfaction will be the result.

      1. re: Ted in Central NJ

        Been there a 4-5 of times since they opened about a year ago. Food is good to very good, but hardly a "destination" I'd recommend someone drive over 30 mins to visit. Service is much improved in the last few months. Dining room is NOISY even when far less than fully occupied and not a good place for a business meeting; it's much quieter on the porch.

        Despite what the restaurant's name implies, there isn't much actual fusing of cuisines, and I still haven't figured out where the French part comes in (justification for the prices?). The menu's more of a tour around asia, some Thai, Chinese, India. Management would probably do themselves (and their customers) a favor by paring down the menu by 30%, particularly the deep fried stuff; there are just too many choices. They try to be everything to everybody. Some focus would be appreciated.