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May 20, 2008 08:16 AM

Anyone know about Crave in Port Chester?

There's a sign about a new place opening in Port Chester called Crave. I am so curious about what it will be. Anyone know?

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  1. It is a clothing store, also with branches in various parts of Manhattan. My husband and I were hoping for another great restaurant, but when I Googled it that is what I came up with.

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    1. re: nursemommie

      Boy do I feel dumb. :)
      Thanks for the info.

      1. re: uberkelly

        Don't feel dumb. I had the same reaction. My husband and I saw it and the name seemed vaguely familiar and I thought it was maybe one of those plain frozen yogurt places that are getting a lot of attention lately, like Pinkberry. But yeah, when I checked the website given on the sign, it turned out to be clothes.