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May 20, 2008 08:13 AM

Buenos Aires Top Ten Restaurants

Going to BA in August - can't wait! - and would like list of top ten restaurants which exemplify Buenos Aires - its most famous ones. Thanks!!

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  1. The most famous aren't necessarily the best... to me, the parrilla is what exemplifies Argentina... in August the weather will be cold (except in the north of Argentina) so you may miss the joy of sitting in the outdoor parrilla watching the meats cooking over the flames.. but, you may get lucky.

    Many of my favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires are in my blog:

    If I had to pick ten restaurants to send someone to, I'd choose:

    Las Cholas, Arce 306, Las Canitas
    La Paila, Costa Rica 4848
    Mosoq, 5800 El Salvador
    Restó (Sociedad Central de Arquitectos), Montevideo 938, Tel: 4816-6711
    Hollywood Almacén, Dorrego 1879, Tel: 4777 4281/4776 6482
    La Despensa, Isabel la Catolica 310, Barracas
    El Establo, Paraguay 489, Microcenter
    La Cabrera
    Las Violetas (best for a late breakfast or lunch -- not dinner).

    oh and pop into Cafe Tortoni for a coffee at some point... and try to squeeze in Lelé de Troya,at Costa Rica 4901 in Palermo Viejo.. it's in a beautiful old house.. very lovely... with a a meditteranean inspired menu.

    you may also find my fruit/vegetable translation chart handy:

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      I went to La Cabrera - totally delicious! I highly recommend it. I had the lomo y pepper concaisse. All the dishes come with a buffet of delicious side dishes!

      I also recommend going to Cafe Tortoni. It's a famous 150-year old cafe near Plaza Del Mayo and it has all sorts of delicious snacks and foods!

    2. I recently spent 25 days in BA and hit a lot of great restaurants while I was there. Take a look at my post for some feedback on each.

      A few you shouldn't miss:

      1. La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar
      2. Aramburu
      3. Thymus
      4. Restó (Sociedad Central de Arquitectos
      )5. Defensa al Sur
      6. Les Anciens Combattants
      7. BoBo
      8. Duvall

      1. Agree with karma - the most famous aren't necessarily, in fact, I'd go further and say are rarely, the best here. My favorites, not in any particular order...

        Pura Tierra
        Don Julio
        788 Food Bar
        Il Matterello

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          Not to echo everyones comments...but the well known places here are definately not the best! fact it is normally a sign to avoid a place if it is recomended by hotel concierges or out of date guide books which still insist on publishing reviews that are out dated at best. I will never forget being at a supposedly super hip fashion restaurant in Palermo(whose name i will not mention) only to see the place full of tourists with guide books looking for the long gone super hip argentines that the book had promised them and only seeing each other. Here is a small list to help you out.

          Lai Lai - Cool and casual chinese restaurant in Belgrano's China Town.
          Pobre Luis - Good Parilla also in Belgrano.
          Maru Botana - The best cake shop in BA, It has sites in Retiro and Belgrano...increible tortas!!
          647 Dinner Club - This is something very different for BA. Try it!!

          1. re: injoyfood

            Im going in October I will me in BA for 4 nights. Then Mendoza for 4 more. I am Single guy in my forties, will I have issues dining by myself and does any one know about the "closed door" places? Thanks

            1. re: Foodandwine

              I just came back from Buenos Aires and went to a couple of great places.They are not closed door but the food was great.
              The first was Les Anciens Combattants, which is in an amazing building and was a real experience. The chef gives you a run down on all the food and it was great.
              The second was 647 Dinner Club which was also great. The place looks out of this world and the food matched!! We dined in a party of 10 in there private dining suite which overlooked the main salon. Simply stunning..

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                Ok so I'm really late to respond, but if anyone else is in the same situation and in the mood for Vietnamese food in BA you can try A little Saigon ( Its a closed door restaurant in Almagro that is great for groups or people going alone because everyone eats at a communal table. And Thuy, the chef/host is really funny ;). The food is amazing.

                A Little Saigon
                Buenos Aires, Argentina , AR

          2. I have had excellent meals at Casa Cruz, La Cabrera, and El Trapiche.

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              Last year we went to Casa Cruz...the food was very good, but it took 40 minutes for one of our party to get the cocktail she ordered! Overall the service was horrible. Then the next day we had to return to rerieve my friends shawl, that she had left. To see the place in daylight is shocking! The leopard carpeting is filthy. Same for the couches. It was obvious why they keep the lights dimmed!

            2. Thanks, thanks and thanks again Jenky for your tip on 647 Dinner Club. We were staying at the Alvear Palace for the third year in a row and somewhat dissapointingly where given almost the same restaurant recomendations from the concierge as from our previous visits. Basically Casa Cruz, Cabana Las Lilas etc., etc...I actually asked about any new good places and my request was met by an almost blank look before i was directed to another well known but slightly newer place in Palermo.
              Well through Chow hound we made a desicion to take a risk and go to 647 Dinner Club which i can say that it was the best dining experience we have had in the city. The menu is an excelent mix of tradional plates with a modern twist. Great presentation and they obviousely use the best products. Also almost as a side issue after the great food, the place looks totally stunning. Its web site is