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May 20, 2008 08:01 AM

Scarantino's Pasadena - Closing

Went for dinner last night and saw a flier in the foyer indicating thanks to their customers for the many years of loyalty and that they would be closing sometime in June. This is sad to me, as I really enjoy their food and atmosphere. I got there a little after 5 and the whole time I was there (until 6:15) only 3 other tables were filled. Maybe if it would have stayed Dino's and if they would have kept their early-bird and daily specials it would have made it??? They also stopped being open for lunch a while ago.

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  1. The Glendale location will still be open? "Oldest Italian Restaurant in Pasadena"
    Been a while since I've been there. Too much competition and probably their long time "older" clientele was fading away.


      I only discovered Dino's in 2001, but I have been a regular there ever since. Even with the change over to Scarantino's, I've remained loyal. We had our rehearsal dinner there. We haven't been in about a month or so. Maybe we should have gone even more often. Damn. This makes me really sad as well. Best minestrone soup ever. Will definitely have to get there for a last supper or two.

      1. OMG! I practically lived on Dino's minestrone in the 70s, best ever.
        I lived on Berkeley and went to PCC.

        I will go one more time for the minestrone before they close.

        1. I was heartbroken when it switched over to Scarantino's from Dino's as they no longer served the great breadsticks that were a must with the best minestrone. I lived on those and the minestrone when I was pregnant. I'm sorry to see it go!

          1. This is too bad. We enjoyed this place as well.