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Scarantino's Pasadena - Closing

Went for dinner last night and saw a flier in the foyer indicating thanks to their customers for the many years of loyalty and that they would be closing sometime in June. This is sad to me, as I really enjoy their food and atmosphere. I got there a little after 5 and the whole time I was there (until 6:15) only 3 other tables were filled. Maybe if it would have stayed Dino's and if they would have kept their early-bird and daily specials it would have made it??? They also stopped being open for lunch a while ago.

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  1. The Glendale location will still be open? "Oldest Italian Restaurant in Pasadena"
    Been a while since I've been there. Too much competition and probably their long time "older" clientele was fading away.


      I only discovered Dino's in 2001, but I have been a regular there ever since. Even with the change over to Scarantino's, I've remained loyal. We had our rehearsal dinner there. We haven't been in about a month or so. Maybe we should have gone even more often. Damn. This makes me really sad as well. Best minestrone soup ever. Will definitely have to get there for a last supper or two.

      1. OMG! I practically lived on Dino's minestrone in the 70s, best ever.
        I lived on Berkeley and went to PCC.

        I will go one more time for the minestrone before they close.

        1. I was heartbroken when it switched over to Scarantino's from Dino's as they no longer served the great breadsticks that were a must with the best minestrone. I lived on those and the minestrone when I was pregnant. I'm sorry to see it go!

          1. This is too bad. We enjoyed this place as well.

            1. Oh, dear. I'll have to break the news to my neighbors, an older couple who absolutely love that place. I've only had take-out from Dino's/ Scarantino's at their house, and, funnily enough, it tasted like home-made, as in, made in their house (my neighbors'). That must be why they loved it so. Sigh.

              1. We made it in for not one, but two "last suppers" over the weekend (they closed for good Sunday night). The staff, some of whom have been there 30+ years, had little insight as to the reason for closing. They've been doing enough business, by all accounts, but for whatever reason the owners decided to close shop and sell the building.

                It is sad when a bit of history disappears. The place was Pasadena's oldest restaurant I believe, having opened in 1949.

                My warm thanks to the Scarantino family and the staff of Dino's/Scarantino's for the many wonderful meals and good times we enjoyed over the years.

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                  Mijares claims to be Pasadena's oldest restaurant...87 years old? (1920)

                  Scarantinos was Pasadena's oldest "Italian" restaurant.

                  Reminds me when Little Joe's in Chinatown was closing and I went the final week...what a disappointment that was. Learned my lesson never eat at a restaurant that's closing.

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                    Yeah, Mijares has been around forever!

                2. We went down for a final dinner because we've enjoyed the last three meals there and, unfortunately, had disappointing food. The chianti was vinegary(it was replaced), halibut tasteless, warm salad/dressing. Maybe not a good idea to go to a restaurant that's going out of business.

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                    Yeah, the last time I was there I thought their Napoli sauce was not as good as it used to be (this was before I noticed that they were closing). I guess that is just the way it goes. I hope the Glendale location stays. Have not heard anything regarding it.