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May 20, 2008 07:56 AM

Cirque Du Soleil and Dinner

From out of town and unfamilar with area. Looking for dining options near Cirque du Soleil site - Broad St and Washington Ave .

Cuisine type variable and price moderate - around $15 entree.


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  1. There's Sabrina's at 9th & Christian (Italian). There's also Effie's at 12th and Pine (Greek). I like both of these and they are not too far away from Broad and Washington. I believe there are some Asian food options over on 11th & Washington (?), but I'm not totally sure about that.

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      Scannicchios, at Broad and Porter (
      )Need reservations. Great Italian food, great service and BYOB.

    2. I'd head to Cafe de Laos, on 11th St. a few doors south of Washington Ave, that's very close and very delicious Thai/Laotian food. It's BYO. If you want to walk slightly further there's Plaza Garibaldi for nice sit-down traditional Mexican.

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        hey, i don't know what took me so long to try cafe de laos, but we are loving it. great prices, nice atmosphere conducive to hanging around for the amount of time it takes two of us to finish a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer (i'm usually an eat and run kinda person, but this place makes me feel like hanging about).

        we've been twice and we try to get dishes from both the thai and the laotian menus. from the thai side, the cabbage salad is not to be missed - a heaping plate of it with the most delicious thai lime dressing ever. the coconut milk soup is also pretty darn tasty. OK, and we also had the drunken noodles. :) lots of food. good noodles but i wish they had egg (just had them with egg at trio in fairmount, so good). from the laotian menu we had a spicy catfish simmered in banana leaves, very simple yet satisfying dish. on top of all this, we've had desserts - i love me some mango and sticky rice. we had something else coconut + chocolate, which i only had a bite of as i'm not too terribly into rich desserts after such a massive meal. this place is probably going to turn into one of our regulars. very good. the service is very friendly too.

      2. there are alot of small spots along washington. I went to the Ugly American on Front and Federal before Cirque. I didn't have the greatest experience, so I won't recommend it. But as far as the show is concerned. It was amazing. I wish I could go again.

        1. Classic (red Gravy) Italian at Villa D'Roma 9th st between Washington and Christian, liquor license, cash only. I 2nd Bucketheads recs for Cafe de Laos and Plaza Garibaldi. Straight forward seafood at Anastasi's 9th and Washington. They are a seafood store with a bar/restaurant. Good basics with beer, some wine. Down Broad St, you might fit your price point at L'Angola (BYOB young Italian). August is another young Italian BYOB on 13th and ??? (north of tasker). Nice thing about the places to the south is it will not be a problem to park at the restaurant (nearby) and then move to Cirque parking. Slightly north are Cochon, 6th and Catherine, french bistro BYOB or Couquette, 5th and Bainbridge/Passyunk french with liquor license, oh and an old standby, Beau Monde, creperie, at 6th and bainbridge (liquor license). Go to and search for any of these places on the philadelphia page (as well as other folks's recs) I had a good meal at ugly american, but there are better places closer to the show

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            I'm surprised no one brought up Cafe Apamate on South St. at 16th.